Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School! First Day of School!

Yes, we were all excited this morning, as this officially the beginning of the school year for us.
Even though we are homeschooling, it was suggested to me to do some things to make the day stand out from the rest, so we did the following:
1. Big Bro and Little Bro still wanted to have backpacks, some new shoes, and folders. We also have decided that when we have to go out somewhere during the so-called regular school day, that we will have uniforms of polo shirts and khaki shorts. So, today, since it was a special day, the boys had their new uniforms on, I was sporting a new outfit (a casual dress and jacket instead of a tee and shorts or jeans).
It did seem to start things off on a very good note, I must say...
Both boys wanted chocolate chip pancakes, which we normally do only on the weekends once in a while, but sure...we had those, too:)
Big Bro had selected Spanish for his first work this morning...vocabulary puzzles and a CD of Spanish music for children.
We all got to listen to the music while they did their work.
Little Bro selected a fishing game work and did that quickly, as he wanted to get into the groove with maracas and danced to the music. So, he danced and sang and the morning was a nice one.
We read the story, Timothy Goes to School, and we discussed how his school is different from our school. Big Bro even suggested that it was too bad that they didn't have uniforms on at his school like we do today because then, the other kid wouldn't have picked on him, because they would have all been part of the group in the same outfits.
Big Bro decided to use our version of a Spanish movable alphabet and spelled out the puzzle words.
Then, he moved on to drawing a picture of himself on his first day of school.
Little Bro worked on doing a work involving opening and closing containers with zips, snaps, and screw tops. He loved this, as I had filled each container with a few of the plastic sea creatures.
He then lined up all of the sea animals and seemed to enjoy himself.
Big Bro then worked on a page from the Spanish in the Kitchen Program we are going to use this quarter. He wanted to make something so we made some chicken noodle soup and he helped to chop, measure, pour, and stir. He seemed to love doing this. Little Bro then got into the cooking mode and helped with cleaning and prepping some nice gala apples for our snack.
Little Bro finished off with doing some Play Doh time.

All in all, a nice way to start the official year!

1 comment:

Amber said...

Hooray! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Congratulations :)

I like the idea of having new outfits to represent the specialness of the day - especially that you got one too! ;)

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