Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kids are Wiped Out So I Will Do the Drawing Tomorrow.

In case you want some freebies, you'll have a little extra time to get some, b/c Little Bro and Big Bro are so tired that we have to go to bed now...Mommy is pretty tired, too.

But so far, since the comments came from Heidi, Amber, and Marsha, all three of you are going to get something, as i have more than three things to give away.

If others enter, I will see how many and put them into a drawing...

So, will post photos tomorrow. Please tell people so that I can get a clutter free home and you can get something nice, educational / arts and crafts, etc.

Also, Jody will get something too, as she is the birthday girl today, and is on we have four winners already:)

Have a nice one!


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Here I am on holidays and I check my e-mail and blog reader and see you are doing a give away. Before I even think about it i see that you include me as a winner even though I can not enter as I am away.
You must be one of the nicest people I know!
My birthday was amazing. We are going to Lego World, the aquarium, American Girl and Build a Bear workshop tomorrow!
Take care

The Sunshine Crew said...

Hi Jody,
Can't leave out the birthday girl!
Yes, I decided that everyone's a winner, including you, even though you were en route to your fab vacation, as I would never have even had a blog without you!

You will have to share someday about your favorite memories in school, maybe when you come for a visit...did you read Amber's about being glow worm? Loved that...made me fun that would have been to get to do!

Big Bro drew numbers out of a hat for everyone except you...the reason for that is that some of the stuff I am giving away is already in your care package...but I have some new goodies for you, too.

Have been working on making some things (and have been putting DH to work helping me make things) so we are sending them to you, too.

Glad that you had an awesome b-day. All of the places you are visiting sound really fun!

Can't wait to hear more.
Have a fun remainder of your trip.

Anonymous said...

Aww, Thanks!
I can't wait to talk again soon!
Have a great day!

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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