Friday, August 14, 2009

Pink / Blue / Green vs. Muriel Dwyer's Sequence?

Hopefully, if you read this post, you will have some comments or suggestions for me, as I am very curious about this.
Today, in one of the many Montessori groups, someone mentioned that their school had scrapped the Pink / Blue/ Green Series and instead, they follow the sequence and materials suggested by Muriel Dwyer.
Are there others who have opinions on this topic?
Are there others who have scrapped the pink, blue, and green and instead use Muriel Dwyer's suggested materials?
Are there those who use both?
Does anyone use the Waseca Reading program? I just love their materials! they look so fabulous!
How about Insta-Learn - Language?
As for us, our plan is to use Pink/Blue/Green, along with Waseca and Insta-Learn. Just hoping to order some Waseca items soon...would love to own everything they make!
Would love to get some input from others.


Heidi said...


I just wanted to let you know we are using both. We are using the Pink/Blue/Green for the very fundamental reading stuff and we have the Dwyer cards for more advanced word study and spelling work.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Thanks Heidi.
I appreciate your input.
We are just getting started with our language materials, so wanted to get some feedback.
Have a nice night:)

Anonymous said...

We use the pink, blue and green series in Children's House and the Dwyer series in our Lower Elementary. Dwyer, from my under understanding, is for the elementary level.

The Davidson's said...

I have the EXACT same question! I'm currently using P/B/G but see lots of holes for children who are struggling as well as those that are more advanced. From what I read, the Waseca stuff looks amazing, but at that price I really have to be sure it's the right choice. Have you tried it out yet? I can see integrating both to an extent. I love everything else from Waseca, just want to be sure of this investment.

The Sunshine Crew said...

We ended up getting Waseca. The scope and sequence is good, but the quality of the cards was a total disappointment. There were about 100 out of the bunch that I am having to recreate myself, as the quality was so poor.
Also, on their website, they show the large movable alphabet in the photos so it appears as if it is part of the set but you have to order that separately through Nienhuis so it is even more expensive, as that is not included.
We do have the Waseca biomes readers and we like those. They coordinate with the reading materials, but in reality, you could buy the readers and then make your own reading set similar to Waseca and save yourself a great deal of money, plus end up with nicer looking cards.
We have Karen Tyler's original pink, blue, and green series and they are very nice and well worth the money.
She is in the process of switching her pink, blue, and green to photos instead of drawings. From what she has done and the quality of her work, i would opt for buying those from her, and then, possibly adding additional "levels" using the Waseca word list.
Waseca's word list is based on Orton Gillingham so it is something that is out there is other forms as well...
if you email me, I have the list of the words somewhere.

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