Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sea Horses and other Cool Sea Creatures!

We had a nice day doing our work this morning...we read a great book, suggested by Laura from Playschool6, called Mister Seahorse, By Eric Carle.

The book tied in perfectly with our theme of sea life, but also, it is a great tie in about fathers and their roles with helping with the family.

Dear Hubby has been so supportive of our homeschooling adventure. He has also been taking a more active role in assisting our children with their work when he comes home from work.
Last night, he made a tornado bottle, as Big Bro has been very curious about tornadoes.
He also made some chocolate chip cookies and helped to go over the concept of simple fractions with Big Bro.

Dear Hubby reads a chapter to Big Bro every night at bedtime, but also takes the time out to read to Little Bro from time to time too.

As far as our work, Big Bro started out in his pj's and then, got changed a while into his work. Little Bro followed suit and did the same thing. They both chose to wear matching shirts today, which I must say I love when they do this, as if I had my way, I would still have them in matching or else coordinating clothes everyday...don't know why...think it is from my mom always having my sibs in coordinating or matching outfits.

Well, for work, Big Bro did some dry transfer work (one to many), some wet transfer work, some math with sea creature manipulatives, and some reading practice.

Little Bro did a wooden knobbed puzzle with labels for left and right and some counting activities with the puzzle. He then did some math counting using manipulatives and a number strip, 1 to 10.

He then made the counting activity into a sorting activity of sorts and selected counters that were all of the same species and then, all of the same color.

We also worked on preparing some things for our pen pals. Now, we are getting ready to go out to meet someone from one of homeschooling groups. We are looking forward to meeting our new friends.

Can't believe that we will officially be starting this Thursday!
Feel like we are pretty much in the groove, so hopefully, it will be a smooth transition:)

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Montessori Moments said...

Snow White always wants to match little Belle too. I think it is so cute, but unfortunately it is hard to find matching clothes in their different sizes.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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