Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Too Tired to Post Photos, But Will Soon...

Just wanted to let you all know that we have had a VERY busy few days...
Little Bro and Big Bro have started their first co-op classes.

Will write more this week, but here are the highlights:
Big Bro got to hold a four foot Florida King Snake...as well as a hamster and a bunny.
They also got to see a big, red Fire Bellied Toad, but there wasn't enough time to get to hold that big fella.

Little Bro did a "picture of me" as he says...he had a blast doing his self portrait!
He just loves doing art projects.

I have been organizing and putting together my care packages for those of you who won the First Day of School Freebies..hopefully, will get them in the mail by tomorrow to those who have given me your address. If you have not given me your address yet, I won't be able to send you your goodies. Please send your addresses to me soon if you have not done so already...
Until I can mail it to you, your goodies are sitting on our dining room table...

Also wrapped up writing a multi-lingual, cross curricular unit on gardening with children...just getting it proofed by some friends who are fluent in other languages to edit it for me...it has been a while since I have tried to do any writing in Spanish or French!

When it's ready, I will share it with those who would like to use it:)

With Dear Hubby's help, we have also organized our "continents closet" and our garage...not having a basement while at the same time having enough materials to stock a small school is a challenge, to say the least...but it is lookin' good...finally.

Big Bro just loved doing these as work today...both chose a different continent box.
Big Bro chose South America...was so excited when he came across a postcard of a man holding an Anaconda.

Little Bro chose Asia. He loved checking out the wooden sushi set, the chopsticks, and the Thai frog instruments. He also found some candy in the box from Korea.
Made me cringe as I saw he had opened it and was eating it, as it is at least NINE years old...one of the boarding school students had given it to me way back in the day...

In case any of you were wondering why or how I have so many things from the various continents, yes, enough to fill a whole closet, it is largely because of having so many international students over the years. In addition, many of my family members have traveled overseas.
I have never ventured to any other continent, but luckily, have always had very well traveled students and family members!

Will post some photos soon.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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