Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We love our work!

Here, Little Bro is working hard on his fish art project.
Little Bro was more free form in his placement and color selection for his fish scales.
For materials, both used parchment paper for the fish shape, tissue paper pieces and aluminum foil pieces for scales, and white paper with black marker for the eye.
The mouth was drawn on with marker. Everything was attached using glue sticks.
Big Bro is totally engrossed in doing his work, especially his artwork.
He went for a more orderly sort of placement of his tissue paper scales.
Big Bro carefully counted and organized his work.
Both boys loved making their fish.
After making their fish, we read several fish books they had selected at the library and at the bookstore.
Big Bro pulled a bunch of fish books, including several Rainbow Fish books out for us to read together.

After making fish artwork and reading fish books, Big Bro chose to do some math pattern work, followed by practical life.
Heread a Rainbow Fish Easy Reader for his reading work to me.
This was out of the norm though, as normally, he reads a selection from our reading program to me and then, does some Pink Series work.

Little Bro chose to do some Practical Life work.

Both are very happy and have really gotten into the homeschooling groove.

They enjoyed the morning so much that after dinner, they wanted to make more sea creatures. We used some of the leftover tissue paper scraps on color diffuser sea turtles and have left them out to dry overnight...hopefully, they will look kind of like tie dye sea turtles...we will see...

The one thing that is emerging is that both boys like to start their first work of the day at the kitchen table and then, progress into our playroom / workroom after that.
I have figured out that it is tied in with food, as they want to get started right away with their work but they also want to eat breakfast, so they can do both at the same place in the kitchen.

We keep adding on 15 minutes to our day so that it will be such a natural transition when we officially start next Thursday.

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Montessori Moments said...

The fish look lovely! Your boys are so sweet! Thanks for sharing about your day!

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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