Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Archimedes Inspired Work - Big Bro

Big Bro is participating in a co-op class this semester called All about Scientists and Inventors.
Recently, the discussions in class have been about Archimedes and Rube Goldberg.
Mr. Doug, the co-op teacher, passed out a sheet from Ask Magazine for children announcing the Archimedes Puzzle Contest. The children did not have to participate, but could choose to if they were interested. Big Bro was very interested!
For the contest, he had to take the pieces from the Archimedes Puzzle and rearrange them into an original work. Big Bro had a great time making his picture! He had to cut out all of the pieces, then arrange them in a new way, and then, glue them down to the paper. He then had to write about his creation.
Big Bro then traced the outline of the Archimedes Puzzle onto another sheet. He then colored it in and attached it to some foam / felt pieces.
This started his interest in finding out more about Archimedes so while Little Bro took a nap, we researched about both Archimedes.
Big Bro wanted to make his work into a game, so we wrote down some facts about Archimedes and then, attached each fact to a foam felt card.
Did you know...
Archimedes was from Syracuse, Sicily.
He was a mathematician and inventor.
He is best known for his invention, the Archimedes Screw, which is used to bring water up from a lower level.
He is also known for his work related to the circle the sphere, and the spiral.
Big Bro also noticed that in the drawing, "He wore robes, had a beard, and an orange string around his head."

We used the Think Quest Kids Site for our research:

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