Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Biomes Work

This is a neat game. It can be played a couple of different ways.
Instead of playing it as a game, we made it into a Montessori inspired work. Big Bro used the sides of the cards that had the words for the biomes on the card, without the pictures of the animals. He matched the animals and then was able to do a self check using the reverse side of the cards that show the animals as the control of error.After he had completed this as work, he then showed Little Bro how to do this work as an animal matching work, using the picture sides.

This is an experiment from the Introduction to World Biomes materials from Waseca Biomes. Waseca is a fabulous Montessori School in Athems, Georgia. Their directress came up with a very Montessori inspired collection of works related to biomes. We are just getting started with the Introduction to World Biomes materials and will move on to the Biomes of North America - Primary Edition. It has been a very easy transition, as we have already been learning about the oceans and continents. We have been exploring the oceans biome for much of the last two months, so it is a natural progression to do the others.
This activity was to explore why so many creatures who live in wetlands have webbed feet.
First, the child has to put their one hand in the water and move their hand around. Next, the child has to stick their hand inside a plastic bag. We also wrapped the top part of the baggie with packaging tape to keep out water.
This is an illustration from Big Bro's World Biomes book.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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