Monday, September 28, 2009

A Painful Lesson

Well, tonight Little Bro learned a painful lesson and we learned along with him.
Dear Hubby had cut up some lettuce for some fajitas tonight for dinner.
He had used a very sharp knife, and had it resting on the bowl of lettuce.

Well, Little Bro reached up, thinking that the opaque green bowl that is usually used at breakfast must have some cereal inside of the bowl.
The bowl, the cutting board, and the knife came toppling down on Little Bro. The knife cut Little Bro's toe. It was a fairly deep cut, and would have required several stitches, but luckily, they were able to repair his toe using surgical glue instead.

The situation could have been so much worse if the knife would have gotten more of Little was actually a blessing that it only managed to cut his little toe.

But it taught us all a lesson...we need to be more diligent when using knives.
The knife should have been placed safely into the dishwasher instead of just resting it on the bowl by the cutting board.

Little Bro and Big Bro are very independent and are used to helping prepare snacks, etc. for themselves so we have had to rethink a few things tonight...

We used to have a Learning Tower so that if the boys wanted something, they could climb up on it and could help themselves.
Not sure if we would have kept the Learning Tower if this would not have happened, but it may have helped, as he would have been higher and could have seen what was in the bowl.
We sold the Learning Tower, as both boys are tall enough to reach the counter tops now, so we thought that we no longer needed it...but they are not tall enough to actually see what is inside of a bowl or on a plate on the counter.
Since we no longer have the Learning Tower, we have had to come up with a Plan B for when they want something from the counter...

We have had to explain to both boys that although they can continue to get things for themselves from the kitchen, if something is above their eye level on the counter, they should NEVER reach for it without asking for assistance.

They glued his toe back together and then, have it wrapped with gauze and an ace bandage.
Little Bro has to take antibiotics and cannot play outside, get his foot wet or dirty or go swimming for ten days:(

So the lesson will continue for us as a family...

We are just thanking God that it was not more serious.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to here about little bro.
These things can happen so easily. I guess sometime it takes these things happening to force us to rethink how we do things.
I know I sometimes "forget" the ages of our children because they are so capable of doing things most children at their age do not do.
We too learned the hard way when we had company over and the little boys went into the girls cupboard and started to bang to glasses together and they broke in his hands. Blood and glass everywhere! I felt so bad!
Take care:)

Heidi said...

Oh how scary! I'm glad that everyone is ok, although I'm sure you are all shaken up.

Hope Lil Bro feels better soon!

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