Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heads or Tails

Big Bro has been interested in working with money, as well as learning about how to use tally marks, so I thought that he would enjoy a presentation on both.
I had laid out a math activity and started to examine it, hoping that it would seem interesting to him, and it did, and he asked if I would show him how to do this new work. He loved it!
His enthusiasm for the work rubbed off on Little Bro so much that Little Bro asked if he could learn how to do it so that he could choose it as a work.
Big Bro said that he could handle it and would teach Little Bro how to do the work. They ended up working together on it, making it more of a two person activity than I had originally anticipated, but it was great to see how involved and excited they were with their new work.

Here is how to do the work, according to Big Bro:
Get a penny.
Wash it and dry it.
Get a wipe off marker and make sure it is a different color so you know whose is whose.
Get your tray with the work.
The tray should have the Heads or Tails chart on it.
Put your penny and your marker on the tray.
Toss the penny up and see what happens.
Mark it on your sheet.
When you get to five, make a line this way across instead of up and down.
Every time you get to five, you make a line like that.
Then, your can count how many you have by counting by 5s.
When you get to twenty or so, you can stop.
Then, wipe off the chart with the eraser, put the penny away with the coins, and put the chart back on the shelf.
If it is your first time doing the work, then leave it out to show daddy when he gets home from work.

Big Bro wrapped it up by telling Little Bro that "that is what football teams do to start the game".
(well, he is partially right...the coin toss, at least...)

Was really neat to see how the work grew into something for both boys to do and how much they loved doing this work.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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