Friday, February 26, 2010

The "Op-Limp-Tix"

Little Bro and Big Bro have both been fascinated by the Olympics, or as Little Bro calls them,
"The Op-Limp-Tix"...

During the Opening Ceremony, they were so excited about seeing the various teams carrying their respective country's flags.

Both boys were calling out the countries and the flags that they recognized.
Hey, there's Japan!
Hey, I see Sweden!
and so on...
Very cool when your children get all excited about seeing flags and people from around the globe.

They were watching as the devastating death of luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, flashed on the screen. Little Bro did not understand the gravity of the situation, but Big Bro did and seemed to immediately get how awful it was. He has been wanting to write a letter to the family to say how sorry he is for their loss, which we will do over the weekend...

Did not want to do this during our regular work period, as I wanted it to be something that he could sit and really discuss if he so chooses without Little Bro being involved.

Big Bro has been making banners to cheer on both the USA and Canada.
They have been practicing cheering for both countries, although if the US and Canada go head to head, well, then they cheer for the USA.
Making a maple leaf design has proven to be a bit of a challenge for him, though, so he got creative and came up with another design, which looks to be a blossom of some sort.
Big Bro has decided that he would like to be a snowboarder and a skier.

Little Bro has also been getting into making signs and getting into the whole spirit of the Olympics.
When asked about his favorite sport, he said he likes the "racing skaters", especially
"O NO!"

Both boys have been having fun watching hockey and curling, too, as well as skating, skiing, and snow boarding.

Well, this morning proved to be pretty funny and surprising...

As I was getting dressed, Little Bro got on my lap top (which I had left turned on, as I had checked my email first thing this a.m.) and opened up Yahoo Sports. When I came out of my bedroom, he said "Oh, sorry Mommy, I know I should have asked you, but I just wanted to know what was going on with the "Op-Limp-Tix"...

I asked him how he knew to get into Yahoo Sports and he said, "That's what Daddy has been doing every night...I knew how to do it 'cause I watched him...I sat on his lap and saw what he did, so I did that, too."

We are doing a few things with respect to the Olympics, although we are doing it outside of our regular work period.

We are doing Olympic related activities in the evenings.

Happened to find Ann Zeise's blog that features several activities related to the Olympics:

Jody at Montessori Moments also has done some cool activities related to the Olympics with her children, including making some very neat torches. She is in the process of revealing her new blog, called Mommy Moments...looking forward to seeing her new blog! She is doing it collaboratively with her friend, Lena.

They are both very talented, so I am sure that it is going to really be a blog to follow.

Well, tonight, we will be watching speed skating, skiing, and such...way to go, USA Men's hockey, with your win over Finland! Yippie!

Canada, all the best in your game against Slovakia! You have some young fans who will be waving their blossom signs to cheer you on tonight:)

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aly in va said...

What a great way to use the international flag set.

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