Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photo Tour of All Things Egyptian...

Little Bro's cartouche
Big Bro's cat sculpture

Little Bro's work about cats...
Mummies. The base for these was made out of aluminum foil. The boys had to shape the bodies out of the foil then, they had to cover the foil bodies with plaster strips.

Each boy made a sarcophagus. They had fun painting the exteriors of the boxes, as well as making objects and mummies for the interior of the boxes. Big Bro even included hieroglyphics on his!
Desert and Pyramid scene...if you decide to do a study of Egypt, be sure to pick up the Kleenex boxes that are shaped like orange and lime wedges. By simply taping the tops of the Kleenex boxes, you have a nearly perfect pyramid shape to start!
Both boys made their own mixture of sand, glue, and tan colored paint to cover their cardboard base and tissue box pyramid. They used this mixture to cover the pyramid structure and to represent the desert. They then mixed a variety of blue paints and painted an area on their scene to be the Nile River. They added plastic animals to both the desert animals (namely camels and snakes) and the river animals (namely hippos and crocodiles).

Big Bro's mummy
Both boys made King Tut hand puppets. This is Big Bro's hand puppet.
Flora of Egypt...made duplicates of our Egyptian three part cards for Little Bro to add to his work. Big Bro actually used the set of three part cards and did them as regular work.
One page from Big Bro's work about camels.
Cover for Big Bro's work about the Nile River...
Some of Big Bro's work...
Very age appropriate facts about mummies and pyramids...
Very cool book...very informative and interesting...

Nice resource and again, age appropriate for 3-6.
This is one of two neat kits I found to go with Egypt. This kit included a hieroglyphics stencil, an Egyptian tin, some small replicas of Egyptian artwork, and a research guide.
This Geo Safari Kit was great! The boys got to pretend to be archeologists and got to dig out artifacts. They then went online (with my assistance) and we researched the artifacts. Then, they got to take the clay dirt, add some water to it, and pour it into molds to make a miniature Pyramid and a mini Sphinx.
Some of Little Bro's work about the fauna of Egypt.

These Zoobooks were very helpful. We read one on camels, one on hippos, and one on snakes.
Both boys loved learning about the animals of Egypt, especially the camels! They liked learning about camels so much that we did a field trip to the zoo and they got to learn about them first hand! Big Bro had fun being quizzed by the camel handler. She was impressed that they boys knew so much about camels.
It was a special day, because Daddy (aka my Dear Hubby) came with us.
He seemed to enjoy the camel ride as well.

Daddy, Big Bro, and Little Bro aboard Mongo, the Dromedary Camel.


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL post! Thanks so much for sharing! The boys sure did fun work activities. Oh how I wish we lived closer!
Thanks again for taking the time to post all these pictures! Very informative!

Anonymous said...

I tweeted about your blog! I hope you get many wonderful followers!

Leptir said...

I like it! All the activities are soooo cool :-)

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