Monday, March 15, 2010

Any Butterfly Experts Out There???

Okay, so it is 5:32 in the morning and I have just finished going through organizing our butterfly three part cards.
As I was going through them, I happened to come across two cards that both list the pictured butterfly as "Apollo".

When we last used these cards for work, the boys were much younger, so instead of having every card out, I had selected just a couple of the cards featuring butterflies that were most common in Virginia, as that is where we were living at the time. When the boys had the cards as work before, the focus was more on a scavenger hunt looking for butterflies, as Big Bro was almost 4 and Little Bro was almost 2.

Somehow, I missed the whole two Apollos situation last time around...

The cards don't look a thing alike, so now, since I am not a butterfly expert, I am trying to determine if there are actually two Apollo butterflies that look so distinct or if it is a mistake, or who knows??? Or maybe one is an Apollo butterfly and maybe the other is an Apollo moth?
No clue here, folks.
To the best of my knowledge, I have never seen either one so now, I am asking if any of you going to do a Google image search to see what I can find too.

Just working on trying to overhaul our room and wanted to get these lined up for the near future.
Big Bro is very into wanting to know more about spiders and insects, so we are starting with spiders and other arachnids.
But then, we will move from arachnids to insects...
I am lining up other materials for insects, very loosely working around the theme "In the garden".
Am finding that more out of necessity than anything else, that themes are helping in keeping our materials organized. The one issue with a classroom in your home versus an actual school is that you are somewhat constricted with space. So, to make the most of the space you have, you have to continually revamp what you have out as work.
Had started the whole themed bin thing primarily to help with organizing the lending library, but am finding that it is helpful to have materials on the shelves around a theme, too, as it gives you a way to organize. Not that the theme is such a driving force that we have to cover everything and anything related to this theme in a few weeks, but it just makes sense to loosely do it this way for now.

Well, off to learn more about Apollo butterflies!

1 comment:

Mommy Moment said...

Sounds like you've been really busy organizing.
I really need to do that...not enough hours in the day!
I am so excited to see what you all do with your insect and "in the garden" theme!

Have a great day!

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