Saturday, March 20, 2010

Continents Swap - Fabrics and More!

My lovely package from Megan...Thank you, Megan...

Traditional fabric from Germany
Contemporary fabric from the USA
Traditional fabric from the USAMy lovely package from Amanda. Thank you, Amanda.
Contemporary fabric from China
Traditional fabric from China. (Actually from Chinatown in Boston)
This is the reverse side of the Chinese Traditional fabric. So cool that it is reversible!
This is vintage fabric made in the USA. This is the fabric I have included for my swap mates.

Americana swatches of contemporary and traditional fabrics made in the USA from Greenville, South Carolina.
Another view of the Americana swatches...these are the fabrics I included in the packages for my swap mates.

I recently participated in a continents swap, set up by Jojo Ebisujima.

For this swap, we were put into groups of four. We were to send out a parcel containing one modern, contemporary fabric and one more traditional fabric from our country of origin. We also were to include some details about the fabric, as well as maybe a postcard or something small.

With our group of four, we all decided that in addition to sending out the fabrics, we would include some other little items.

I must say that getting packages in the mail is always such a treat!

For my packages, I worked around the theme of Americana.
I found some vintage fabric made in the good ole' USA, along with some more contemporary fabric.
I also included some other goodies in the packages, so hopefully, everyone will love what they receive.

I have already received two packages from my group.

What made our group especially special is that we found out that we actually have so much in common.

My one swap mate and I found out that we are actually from the same hometown!

Who would expect that a swap organized by someone in Japan and that includes people from several continents would put a group of four people together where two of the four are from Erie, Pennsylvania?!?

What are the chances?!?

We also found out that in addition to both homeschooling our sons, we both miss the same places near Erie (Presque Isle and Campbell's Pottery) and the same foods (Nordica Cottage Cheese, pepperoni balls, Troyer Farms Chips, ox roast, and Smith's hot dogs).
As far as our whole swap group:
We all found out that we are all stay at home moms to little boys.
We all love arts and crafts.
All of our group has an interest and appreciation for Montessori.

So neat that we can be from so many different places and yet, have many things in common.

It's a Small World, After All!!! It's a Small, Small World!

If you haven't participated in a continents swap before, I highly encourage you to try one.

You can get some really neat items for your continents boxes, as well as cool items for doing neat arts and crafts projects.

If you look at the number of my posts that contain the words"culture" and / or "continents", you will probably see that the geography and culture portion of the Montessori 3-6 materials are my favorite, and are well loved by Big Bro and Little Bro too.


Mommy Moment said...

Wow, those fabrics are lovely!
I have never done a Continent swap but I would LOVE to do one sometime!
Thanks for taking the time to post this!


Krista said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now but I guess I haven't commented until now.

I also took part in the continent swap and Amanda from Boston was in my group as well... Speaking of this being a small world, I grew up in a town called Presque Isle, Maine!

Anyway, just stopping by to say hello!

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