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Some Sweet Little Books: A Review

My dear friend, Jody, has very graciously offered to post this review today at her blog, Mommy Moment

I am very grateful to both Jody and her bloggy colleague, Lena, as without them, I would have never even had a blog, much less a review or a giveaway.
They really know what they are doing with respect to all bloggy things, so if for some reason, you have not popped by their blog, please do so, as it is great!

Now, many of you may have already read this review over at Mommy Moment, but for those who may have missed the review there, here it is:
For Little Ones Books Review and Giveaway
Montessorian Pauline Meert, owner and creator of Etsy storefront, For Little Ones,
makes adorable little readers and has graciously offered to giveaway two sets.
She has correlated them with the pink, blue, and green series often used in conjunction with Montessori language.You do not have to use the pink, blue, and green series to enjoy these books...they work well as little phonetic readers, but are also appealing enough to pre-readers to use as a read-together little book.

All of her books are simply written and beautifully illustrated...the colorful illustrations and easy to read text make them very appealing to young children.
The books progress in difficulty from phonetic 3 letter words to phonograms.
Both sets of readers include non-phonetic, sight words in little envelopes to practice.
We love her little much so that I contacted Pauline and asked if I could please do a review and giveaway for her.
We had purchased Set 2 first, along with her awesome World Stamps kit, so to do a review of all of her little books, Pauline sent us the Set 1 books.

Here are the titles and the skills covered in all of her little books:

Set 1
The Hen and the Fox- A Pink Level Book: phonetic 3 letter words
The Frog and the Slug- A Blue Level Book: phonetic blends
Josh and the Fish - A Green Level Book: 'sh' phonogram
Peep the Sheep - A Green Level Book: "ee" phonogram

Set 2
The Red Bug- A Pink Level Book: phonetic 3 letter words
Matt and the Muffin- A Blue Level Book: phonetic blends
The Raccoon- A Green Level Book: 'oo' phonogram
Chip and the Chestnut - A Green Level Book: 'ch' phonogram

We originally purchased Set 2 earlier in the year, as we were going to go to Pennsylvania and I knew that my sons would see bugs, raccoons, and chipmunks while visiting Presque Isle State Park.

Big Bro's favorite from Set 2 is The Raccoon and Little Bro's favorite is The Red Bug.
We took them with us on our trip to Pennsylvania and tied them in with a study about forest animals of Northwest PA.

I made three part cards of forest animals and the boys found the animals in the books.
We also made a work extension to go with these books, using the grammar symbols for noun and verb. We made some muffins to go with Matt and the Muffin, and bought, cracked, and tasted some roasted chestnuts to go with Chip and the Chestnut so we were even able to tie in some practical life with her books.

By bringing the Set 2 books with the enclosed sight word cards, a box of muffin mix, some chestnuts, and a few work extensions for language and science, we had plenty to do for our entire visit up North.
We also purchased the World Stamps set she sells...what a wonderful kit...great addition to your continents studies...

This post shows the World Stamps work, one of the little books by Pauline, and a grammar work extension I made to go with the book.

Set 1 arrived this week, so we spent some time reading Set 1.
Pauline sent them out so quickly in a padded envelope, along with a nice note.
Once again, the books were a hit with the boys, as they love the sweet drawings in the books. The sight word cards are nice for Little Bro, as he is starting to know some sight words. Little Bro really enjoyed The Hen and the Fox and was excited, as he felt he could really read this little pink book.
Big Bro's favorite book from Set 1 is The Frog and the Slug.
We are getting ready to study frogs, so The Frog and the Slug is perfect.
From a skills standpoint, the two green books were right at the right level for Big Bro.
Peep the Sheep is great for Big Bro's current reading level.
All in all, Pauline's little books surely will be enjoyed by all.

Now, over at Mommy Moment, they are going to tell you about a giveaway for these pop on over, read their Montessori Monday post, and then, pop back to enter.

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