Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some of Our Work - Extensions Galore and Draw Write Now

Big Bro and Little Bro have both been very into building lately.
Ever since Big Bro and Little Bro tried out the extensions with the knobless cylinders and the pink tower and brown / broad stairs, they have been wanting to get these works out again to do additional extensions.

First, Big Bro wanted to rebuild the tower he had made a few days earlier using the mini pink tower and the broad stairs, only instead of starting with the broad stairs at the base, he wanted to try building it with the pink tower as the first piece.
He called this tower "Pink first, just to see what happens"...
Since the end pieces tended to fall off fairly easily, as they are so tiny, he then thought that perhaps if he alternated how he stacked them by twisting them that maybe that would help to make the tower more stable.
He referred to this tower as "Diamonds of Pink and Black"

Big Bro then made several other structures, including:
"The Ostrich"

"The Chichen Itza Boys" ("It's two boys playing with a little replica of the Mexican pyramid, Chichen Itza.")

"The Royal Arabian castle"

As Big Bro was working on his Pink Tower / Broad Stairs Extensions, at first, Big Bro enlisted the help of Little Bro to be his assistant. This way,  Big Bro was able to stay on the chair while he was building.
Little Bro loved being Big Bro's assistant for the two biggest towers.

Then, when Big Bro switched and did lower-to-the-ground extensions, Little Bro went back to the work he had selected, the knobless cylinders.
He started doing a variety of new extensions as well, first stacking up the red, green and yellow pieces into a tower, and then, adding a few blue pieces to the top.

Little Bro called his tower "B's Tower of Piza"

Big Bro took a few minutes out of his building to come check on Little Bro's progress. The two of them then briefly decided to create something together with the knobless cylinders, an extension they called "The Coral Reef".

Big Bro then went back to his pink tower and brown / broad stairs work and Little Bro went on to do some additional extensions..."Bubbles"

Treasure Hunt...X Marks the Spot"

He then got into trying other extensions...

Little Bro loved doing his take on extensions with the knobless cylinders.
He was completely absorbed in his work.

Big Bro finished out his work period by starting to do some pages from Draw Write Now.
Since Big Bro has expressed an interest in drawing and wanting to learn more about animals, he has started in with book eight, as it features animals of the desert, his current interest...he chose to do the pages about the coyotes and thorny lizards and had a great time learning how to draw the animals, as well as writing some facts about them.
All in all, it was a very busy day here.

 We wrapped things up by spending time at the pool and then, we came home and made some chocolate chip cookie dough...hopefully, we will do some baking tomorrow.


the sleepy time gal said...

i love hearing about your day... we're on the track to start homeschooling this fall. sounds absolutely perfect!

Heidi said...

Aidan loves the Draw, Write, Now books. He likes to check the relevant topics out of the library when we are working on something new.

I love all of the extensions. Have you seen the birds-eye view extension cards for the knobless cylinders? I can't remember where they came from, but they are pattern cards that show the birds eye view of a structure and then the child has to replicate the same birds eye view. My boys love them and they are not too hard to make in word with overlapping circles and the fill function!

The Sunshine Crew said...

No, haven't seen the bird's eye view ones. Those sound cool. they are all about building and doing extensions lately.
Glad to hear that your son also loves Draw Write Now.
Hope that you will like what we are sending you:)

Nicole said...

Thanks for participating in Montessori Monday! I LOVE how creative your boys are with their extensions. I'm going to show this to Short Pants and see if it inspires him - thanks!

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