Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Focusing on Fun When Feeling Frenzied...

This week has gotten off to an interesting, somewhat crazy start...

Dear Pup has been sick and that has been a challenge,  as I do not have the stomach to clean up after dogs.
Has been an impromptu diet for me, as I do not have any appetite for any sort of food after cleaning up our dog.
Luckily, Dear Pup was a sport about taking a bath, so all in all, things went well.

Both boys have been wrestling for some reason, and yesterday, as I was trying to talk to Dear Hubby on the phone, Little Bro ended up doing a face plant into the carpeting...then, as he was crying, Big Bro started to tell me all of his injuries and ailments...


Actually wished I could have changed my name the last couple days...

Then, yesterday in the late afternoon,  Little Bro put bubble gum in his hair...on his two tiny sideburns, to be exact...he was very disappointed that having messy, bubble gum hair did not merit a haircut, only some ice and a follow up shampoo by mom. 

And Dear Hubby has been out of town...only for a short time, but has felt like a long time...
He has been away for work (very happy that he is coming home today!!! Yippie!!!)

Well, in the last couple days, I purchased two books on parenting, as maybe there is a clue in one of them about how to get kids to get back to being the kind sorts they normally are towards each other...
Should have also bought a book on dealing with sick doggies, as that is NOT my forte, at all...cannot deal but had to anyhow...

Felt like buying a HUGE bag of chocolate, but didn't...sounded good but then, no appetite and really should eat it, so just took a few Advil and went with the flow.

Then, I just decided to try to have a sense of humor about it all, as even though it has not been funny, sometimes if you laugh and just look on the sunny side, things seem better, even when nothing has really changed...

So, that is what I did...just tried to think of things that made me laugh and tried to focus on all of the boys' spunk as a positive rather than as a negative.

And it worked!!!
We had some fun!!!
Big Bro got his creative juices flowing and spent time at the little desk he created out of a balance toy we have...
Little Bro got into playing with some toys that he normally doesn't get out much during our school year
Dear Pup took a nap on our lanai and seemed content to do so...
And I made some coffee and just read through some funny posts made by friends on Facebook.
The day got progressively better, as we went out for Japanese food at one of our favorite restaurants. We got an awesome Bento Box meal and some soups an salads and the boys loved it.

The bubble gum incident happened later in the day, but by the time it happened, I was able to have a little sense of humor about it and just helped him to get it out of his hair...
So keeping a sense of humor and focusing on still having fun when things get frenzied works...life is what you make of it, so you should do your best to make each day delightful, even when things seem hectic.

Hey, maybe I should return those parenting books...think I already know what they probably are going to say about stress and parenting...comes with the job, so suck it up and deal with it!


Mommy Moment said...

Silly girl - return those parenting books!
(i returned my bathing suit for you...remember LOL)

I am glad you tried to see the funny side of things!


Annicles said...

The wrestling thing seems to be something that boys really need to do. I have read that boys have a need to regulate their vestibular sense, which is to do with balance. It explains why boys need to crash and be rough so much. The answer is (as always)to follow that child and give them appropriate opportunities to get those experiences. A trampoline is a good solution, or using the balance toy to crash into (maybe outside?!). It is also worth knowing that boys experience a surge of testosterone around their fifth birthdays, almost as much as when they enter puberty. It drops at around 6 1/2 - 7 years and stays low until puberty. That is why 5 is such a rubbish age for boys to start formal education, as in the uk!

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