Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Asian Inspired Art Project for Summer - Noodle Art

Just wrapped up doing an awesome Continents Swap with some wonderful people!

Was so much fun! For my part of the swap, I made items to go with the continent of Asia.

As part of the swap, my sons did an art project...not a traditional Asian art project, but something that Came up with as it seemed like it would be a fun way to explore textures, color mixing, and to tie in Asia.

So what did the boys do?

Asian noodle art prints!

To Do This Project, You Need the Following:
A variety of uncooked Asian noodles
(We used thin rice noodles, soba noodles, and lo mein noodles, along with some string, as Big Bro wanted to have something that would "look like wet noodles"
Plastic baggies
Paint in different colors and thicknesses (boys used a variety: poster paints, finger paints)
Big sheets of paper
Trays to carry materials (in lieu of trays, we used round, non stick cake pans***)
Protective cover for painting surface
Paint smocks

Line up materials for your children to choose from, as far as a variety of paints, noodles, and string.
Have each child make their own concoction of paint bags...mine chose from the paints we had out and squeezed two colors per paint bag...
Then, have your child choose from the noodles.
You may want to encourage them to try a variety of the noodles to see the difference in the types of prints they will get from the different noodles...
One your child has chosen their noodles and paints and has put their globs of paint into plastic bags, all items should be placed either on a tray...
***For our trays, we used metal non stick, round cake pans, as I figured that they are smaller and would rinse off well after the project...
Have each child carry their supplies to a spot outside or else on a porch or lanai...
Big Bro and Little Bro did their painting on our lanai.

Have your child place their paper on a covered, protected surface on the floor...

Then, they should go to it and get creative!

This was a very fun, interesting, educational sort of art project.

The boys saw that some paints were more translucent and some were more opaque...

Also, some of the noodles performed differently, and some noodles were easier to use than others.

Some of the noodles started to stick to the paper, so then, it became interesting, as the boys learned that they had to quickly remove the paint dipped noodles from their art work so as to not have to have the noodles become part of their art work.

Well, hope that your children will enjoy this easy, Asian inspired art project.

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Mommy Moment said...

What a great art activity!

You amaze me more each day - especially now!

I appreciate you and your family more than you will ever know!

Thanks for being a true "one-in-a-million" friend!

Love ya!

Nicole said...

Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday - what a fun, creative activity! Would you mind placing a link to my blog in your post or putting the Montessori Monday button in your post? I don't want your readers to miss out on all the great lessons posted by others - thanks! If you need any help figuring out how to do it, just let me know. :)

Jennifer said...

Those turned out really neat. They actually look Asian-inspired with their wispy paint lines. LOVE it! What do you store your continent materials in? I thought I'd start organizing our collection a bit more, but I'm not sure the best way to do that.

The Sunshine Crew said...

We use colored bins from Target in the Montessori colors for each continent.
Orange for North America, Pink for South America, yellow for Asia, green for Africa, brown for Australia, white for Antarctica. Then, I have added lavender / purple for local interest items (in our case, Florida) and then navy blue for anything related to oceans, or landforms, etc.
I am planning on doing a whole week about continents boxes, so you will get to see all of them soon.
Hope that you are having a happy weekend:)

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