Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Dr. Bradshaw, Possibly the World's Finest Pediatrician

Dr. Bradshaw is the kind of pediatrician that every parent hopes that they will find...
She is outstanding!!! Dr. Bradshaw is truly a gift to the medical community and to all parents who have her as their child's pediatrician. 

Nearly seven years ago, we had heard about Dr. Bradshaw while I was pregnant with Big Bro. Dear Hubby and I went to two classes aimed at new parents, one was about breast feeding and one was about preparing for and taking care of your newborn.
While we were at the classes, we decided to ask people who were there if they had heard about any pediatricians in the area, as we had just moved to the area and were unfamiliar with the doctors near where we lived in Virginia.
Well, in both classes, people began to share all of the good things that they had heard about Dr. Bradshaw, especially how she is so professional and kind.

Well, Dear Hubby and I made plans to go to meet her and we were both so impressed. She just had such a nice manner about her, was so thorough and helpful, and so was her entire staff.
We signed up to have soon-to-be-born Big Bro as one of her new patients.
Well, Dr. Bradshaw was one of the very first people to meet Big Bro!
She came to the hospital and checked him over from head to toe...

We felt so happy that she was the one to provide medical care first to Big Bro and then, to Little Bro when he was born...
Once again, Dr. Bradshaw was one of the very first people to meet Little Bro.

Dr. Bradshaw is so on top of her game! The medical profession should hold her up as the best example of the gold star standard for pediatricians, as she is truly exemplary. 

We really miss having her as our family's pediatrician...
If we did not live about 17 hours away from where her office is located, I would still want to have her as our doctor for Big Bro and Little Bro.

We always tried to let Dr. Bradshaw know how much we appreciated her, but now that we have lived in Florida for a while, we miss her even more.

We have managed to find a nice physician at an urgent care facility but as far as a pediatrician, we have yet to find one that even comes anywhere close to Dr. Bradshaw.

Well, the time is quickly approaching for Little Bro to have his four year old physical and immunization updates.
This really worries me, as we have not met anyone like Dr. Bradshaw.

Dr. Bradshaw has a soft, gentle demeanor around children that makes them feel relaxed.
But then, underneath her soft demeanor is a woman who totally knows her stuff...she is so well read and well versed in dealing with every kind of childhood ailment / condition / disease / name it and she is in the know.

Dr. Bradshaw always made us feel at ease, that we were part of the decision making process, that she respected us as parents, and that she really cared about our family and the boys' health and well being.

Both Big Bro and Little Bro have some health issues that she had to address shortly after they were born...she was so on top of everything related to their care.

Dr. Bradshaw even took it a step further and helped us to find an outstanding specialist in Florida. If only she knew of a pediatrician down here...we would just love an identical twin of Dr. Bradshaw!

We always knew that our sons were in excellent hands with Dr. Bradshaw.
We always tried to let her know how thankful we were of her, but now that we live so far away, we really miss her...
We will soon be faced with the dilemma of having to take Little Bro in for his four year old work up that they do here in Florida, we gotta get going with trying to find someone whom we feel we can trust as implicitly as Dr. Bradshaw...

We do not have that same sort of confidence with the practice we currently have listed as the pediatrician for our boys...the practice that is listed on our insurance forms for the boys is a very reputable one, but there is not the same sort of feeling that they really care about the boys or our concerns like Dr. Bradshaw did for our children.
Whenever they have been sick, instead of taking them to the practice that is supposed to be their pediatric provider, we instead take them to the urgent care facility that is close to our home.
The urgent care facility is very nice and the doctor there is great, but he cannot do all that needs to be done for the boys and their care...can't give them their immunizations or do special testing, etc.

So we need to get out there and do our best to find a Sunshine State version of our beloved Dr. Bradshaw.

Do any of you have a pediatrician who is just outstanding?
How did you go about finding them?
What sorts of questions did you ask when you met them for the first time?
Would love your thoughts, comments, or suggestions...

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Jen said...

We also had a hard time when we moved here. We saw probably 4 different docs for Nugget. When Sprout was almost due, we saw that a doctor was opening a new practice near us. So we went in and did an interview, and we really liked her. A great thing about a doctor with a new practice is that they're not seeing many patients at first, so they really have time to get to know you.

I'm not sure how to find one other than stumbling across them. We have a AP-parenting email list in Orlando, so people often ask there (but none of the docs people recommended were near us, until we found this one).

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