Thursday, October 7, 2010

Continents Boxes Blog Hop - Day 5 - Australia

Today is Day 5 of the Continents Swap - Blog Hop. 

Once again, my swapmates came through and made some awesome contributions to our continents boxes. 

Have actually participated in two swaps to get some neat items for Australia. 

Thanks to Amber Melody and her family for the items they sent to us a while is a link to her blog, Adventures of a Rainbow Mama. Amber has also sent us some chocolates and some Vegemite and crackers to try, but we ate those a while back. She sent us two dried leaves, but they have become too fragile to really get a good shot of these. Amber really went out of her way to send some nice info. on Australia and for that, I am so thankful. She also sent us a recipe for a treat called Lamingtons, which I guess are usually birthday treats. We have not tried to make Lamingtons yet, as I am the only fan of coconut in our home...but if we get some company who likes coconut, I will have to try to make some at that time...

Another more recent swapmate, Tommie, and her family also sent us some items to go in our Australia continents box. 
She made a really adorable foam replica of a Vegemite jar, but my camera would not let me zoom in to get a close up of how cute it is for you...

Plus, then, The Grands went Down Under for a vacation so the got us some neat things, too. 
we are so blessed that they love to travel and bring us neat souvenirs from where we visit.
Here is the remaining schedule for the blog hop:

Today: Thursday, October 7 -- Australia
Friday, October 8 -- Antarctica
Saturday, October 9 -- South America
Sunday, October 10 -- North America

So, without further ado, here's what we have in our box for Australia...

A Genuine Returning Boomerang. Thanks to the Bancks family for this.

This is a neat ceramic mug. Has the logo of Air New Zealand on it, but your can't tell by this photo. One of my Fabulous Finds from Goodwill.

Aboriginal doll and boomerang that a child can paint. We have not painted ours yet. Thanks, Tommie.

Australian paper doll and a little of the boomerang showing, too.

Neat stickers from Down Under. Thanks Tommie.

Tommie made this nice informational sheet about a Bullroarer. Has drawings on the one side, info. on the back, and then, she also made a sample one that you could have children make as a cultural project / craft.  Plus she also included a necktie  / scarf from Down Under.

This is an Aussie style hat...tried to get the Vegemite close-up here, too, but no such me on how cute it is though...hopefully, one of my swapmates is more skilled at photography and got a better photo of the neat swap item from Tommie.

Some animals from Australia. Thanks to The Grands.

Sticker book of Australian animals. Thanks to Tommie.

A nice coin from Amber. Thanks...

Nice magazine for children about Australia.

Aussie stickers.

Aussie play money...

Some books from Australia. Some books are from the Grands and some are from Amber.

More lovely books.

More books. All of these Steve Parish picture books have great photos of Australian animals.

Landmark and animal cards...
Recipe for Lamingtons  from Amber.

Post cards and a Christmas card from Australia.

Additional post cards. Some of the post cards were from pen pals.


 Well, hope that you like the photos, even though they are not like the ones Dear Hubby helps me shoot. He is my go-to guy for nice photos, but he had to get going to work so I was on my own this morning, trying to do the best with a camera that is above my beginner camera skills. 

As far as additional resources, please check out the following links:
National Geographic Kids - Australia 
Activity Village - Australia Day
Steve Parish - Early Childhood 
Steve Parish - Children
Oz for Kids
Lamingtons recipe link from the Joy of Baking
Aboriginal art newsletter from Kids Craft Weekly 

If any of you read this and live in Australia or New Zealand, or any other place in the region, we would love to do a swap for additional items with you, as although we have some very nice things, we would love to learn more about your part of the world. We would be happy to send you some lovely things from the USA in exchange for some things from where you live. We could do an electronic exchange or a mail exchange, whatever would work best for you.

G'Day to all of you!

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PSLever said...

Hello. I have been following with interest the various blogs involved in the blog hop. I am from Australia and would be interested in an exchange. Perhaps you could email me and we could discuss further!
email is: pselever(at)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au

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