Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Halloween Pillow Project

We have been busy doing some fun Halloween / Harvest shelf work and projects.
One project that both boys just loved doing was making Halloween pillows.

We had made gingerbread boy pillows last year at Christmas and since they had enjoyed those so much, we decided to make some fun Halloween themed ones.
The pillows we make are for decorative purposes only, not to be used as a real pillow. We have made them out of foam board as well as felt. For our Halloween pillows, we made them out of foam board. 

Big Bro wanted to make a jack o' lantern pillow and Little Bro wanted to make a ghost we went to the arts and crafts store, got the supplies, and today, the boys worked on their pillows.

They had a fun time making them!

Making pillows is something that I had started to do back in my classroom days, about 12 years of my colleagues had said that she loved having children do pillow projects, as so many skills are developed throughout this project...and let me tell you, she is so right!!! (Thanks, Lois!)

Making pillows like the ones Big Bro and Little Bro have made is a great project for children, as first, there are so many skills that are developed while making them...

  • Brainstorming ideas for the pillow design
  • Shopping for the materials and this step involves selecting materials, measuring materials, using money, and counting change
  • Drawing the design onto the material
  • Cutting out two copies of the same design at the same time
  • Hole punching through the material
  • Sewing the pillow
  • Decorating the pillow
  • Stuffing the pillow

The other thing is that you can choose to set the pillow project up as shelf work, which we have done in the past, or else, you can just make it a special  themed day and work on the pillows from start to finish...that is what we did with the Halloween pillows, since October 31st is quickly approaching...
    All in all, the pillows are more than just a cute Halloween project...they really do quite a bit of
    learning along the way:)


    Rebecca said...

    Thank you for the great idea! We have our supplies ready to go. I think we're going to work on it today and tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    Leptir said...

    So cute :-) said...

    Like the pillow idea and we may use it for Christmas and then send them in care packages overseas. Thanks for the ideas and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment at Also loved your idea about a penpal. I am going to let my daughter and sister know. :)

    Leptir said...

    Hi Colleen! You have Me Encanta TĂș Blog award on my blog! You can check it out here:

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    We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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