Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Photo Friday! What We Have Been Busy Doing Lately...

Pre-New Year's Eve fun at Disney's Magic Kingdom.
Riding the Monorail and taking in the scenery at Disney. The boys love riding the monorail.
Christmas tree near Main Street USA at Disney's Magic Kingdom. This never gets old. Always fun to go to Disney, even at the busiest time of the year. It was nice that the tree was still up for New Year's, as we normally try to stay away from all of the parks during the holidays. Most people who actually live in Florida don't go to Disney over the holidays, as it is much easier to go when the park is less crowded...but we got there super early and it was not too crowded. We had a great time and were actually glad to get to see the park in all its busy glory. Fun!
Ready to take in the day at Disney. We had some Disney passes that we had to use up by the end of the year.
Little Bro having fun building a block tower.
Hanging out with G and getting ready to play with the Snap Circuits Kit and the book she won for us. Thanks so much to Waddlee-Ah-Chaa. This was so neat for my mom to win from you! She was so happy to have won this for the boys.
We felt blessed to have G with us for the holidays, along with Papa and Uncle Brian too...
Little Bro playing at the park. This is a very cool park and playground by the Tampa Museum of Art. We actually went to the museum with Uncle Brian but we could not take photos inside the museum. Had a great time though.
Big Bro climbing at the park.
Best brothers hanging out by the tree with their stuffed animals.
Lego Train built by Daddy and the boys over the holidays.
Our new premium quality geometric solids that we won through a giveaway. These are so nice!!!
Thanks to Montessori for Everyone and Alison's Montessori Premium Quality Materials  for this giveaway!
Some work extensions that we had from Montessori Print Shop that go with the geometric solids.
Big Bro hanging out after completing this work. This was his first day back as he was sick with the flu and still was not quite back to 100% just yet. Poor guy...he was pretty sick.
Our current read-aloud, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.This old book is from a consignment store, but the biography about Walt Disney is available through The boys are really enjoying 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as a read-aloud, although we had to tweak it a bit to make it more kid appropriate and less offensive in some places.  Am actually surprised that Disney was able to make it into Disneyland and Walt Disney World  attractions back in the day, although I vaguely remember going on the 20,000 Leagues attraction when I was a little girl at Walt Disney World...
The boys really wanted to read this as well as  Swiss Family Robinson after reading a biography about Walt Disney and learning how this book inspired some of the earliest Disney exhibits.
When we went to the Magic Kingdom for pre-New Year's, they had a great time climbing up in the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.
Be sure to check out the two new widgets on  my blog that feature the books we are using, including the book,  
Who Was Walt Disney?
Little Bro having fun playing with the marble run.
Our board games closet. This closet got more use over the holidays. We also got a few new additions to the closet. 
One of the boys' favorites...making hot chocolate. Anytime it is cold is a great time to make hot chocolate.
The boys are having fun with a friend digging in the dirt.
All in all, we have been quite busy. Had some family things to do, some stomach bugs to fight, but all in all, a nice winter break. Now, we are (finally) getting back into the groove and look forward to a happy, healthy 2011.


Discovering Montessori said...

Lots of fun you guys are having! The Geometric Solids look so beautiful. I was thinking about purchasing that Snap Circuit kit. How did the kit work out for your family? Thank you for sharing.

The Sunshine Crew said...

We love the Snap Circuits kit! They have this same kit at the Glazer Children's Museum and the Museum of Science + Industry Chicago and at both places, my sons had loved playing with this we were so excited that my mom won this set from Waddlee-ah-Chaa.
It is a great kit. Has close to 100 different projects for children to do. Very fun and interesting too.
The geometric solids from Alison's have been so nice too. We had cheaper little plastic ones and they just did not feel as nice or hold the boys' interest as long as these lovely wooden ones have done. Big Bro has had a renewed interest in geometry because of winning these.
We just feel so blessed to have won such nice giveaway prizes. That is one of the reasons I am going to do some nice giveaways through my Whole Lotta Love.
Hope that you will enter these giveaways. It will start next week.
:) Colleen

Mommy Moment said...


Thanks for sharing all these pictures! I think our girls would love the marble run. I wonder what age it would be good till?
Looks like you had a blast at Disney, the Christmas tree is beautiful too.
I love the new content in your sidebar too!

Take care,

aly in va said...

We have the same snap circuits. It's one of those gifts from last Christmas that really got played with nonstop throughout the year.

We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!

We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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More Gifted Program Details!
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