Friday, January 28, 2011

A (Wonderful) Bit about Perrytech Montessori In Case You're Stuck...

Normally, I do not do two posts in one day, nor do I do them on a Friday, but since there have been some posts in various Montessori Online Groups about some serious issues regarding the financial stability / supposed pending bankruptcy of a different Montessori company here in the USA, I wanted to share with my readers the absolutely wonderful things about an excellent Canadian Montessori Company,
Perrytech Montessori run by John Perry and Christopher Perry.

John Perry's company is based in Canada. My dear friend, Jody, from Mommy Moment, had ordered some materials and then, got to review and give away some products from his company. She has struck up a nice rapport with John and then with Christopher and has been very happy with their customer service, product quality, etc.
If you happen to read this blog post of mine and your school is in a bind, you may well want to contact John or Christopher Perry. They carry the beautiful Gonzagarredi line, which is the gold standard for Montessori...totally top of the line, endorsed by AMI, etc. but they also carry a very nice discount line. In addition, they have information on their website about the potential for leasing materials, so if your school is scrambling, you might want to discuss this with John or Christopher as well.

Have yet to have the privilege to review or to purchase any of their  lovely products, but feel so confident in Jody's resounding support of their company that I will encourage all of my readers to contact them about ordering from them, especially if you have a whole classroom to fill, etc.
Well, hope that this is helpful to any readers who felt at a loss when they read the news regarding what is supposedly going down with the other Montessori company here in the US...

Here is all of the contact information for Perrytech Montessori:

Perrytech Montessori, Attention John Perry & Christopher Perry

P.O. Box 2220, Stn. B,
Richmond Hill, ON L4E 1A4 CANADA

Phone: 1-800-363-3013 (Toll Free)
Fax: 905-773-3965


Mommy Moment said...

Colleen & readers,
Perrytech Montessori is wonderful. I have been ordering products from them for over 2 years and have only great things to say about them.
When I first started purchasing through Perrytech I always dealt with John Perry, I now also deal with Christopher Perry who is absolutely wonderful aswell.
I live in Canada and Perrytech is in Canada, so I can not speak to the shipment to the US, but I am sure you can discuss options with them.
Thanks again Colleen for sharing my experiences with your faithful audience!


C-Joy said...

Always great to learn about another source for Montessori materials! I feel a bit out of the loop, which Montessori Company is supposedly having problems? My research hasn't pulled up anything :-P

The Sunshine Crew said...

As far as the particular company, I had read an email that got forwarded to several Montessori groups addressed to Montessorians. Tammy Kennedy, who is the Founder and Chair of the Ivy School is the one who had originally sent out the email to various Montessori groups, as she is one of the schools who out of their materials due to the problems with this particular company. If you wish to contact her so that she can share her story with you, please contact her at The Ivy School. I called an spoke with her personally to confirm what I had read in the email that had been sent by her and she confirmed that it was her email and that their school plus at least seven others are in a bind because of this company's financial problems.
I do not want to list the name of the company because I only know of the situation second hand, but am sure that she will fill you in or will email you if you would want to see the letter she had posted.

The Education Of Ours said...

Yes, I have learned my lesson about ordering materials from another source. I ordered my catalog already. Thanks Colleen and Jody!

melissa joanne said...

Thanks for this info! I had never heard of a leasing option anywhere, but am very interested to do some research and inquire more about that!

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