Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Family's Favorite Super Bowl Sunday Commercial: Volkswagen Force

I love the Super Bowl, but not for all of the fanfare related to the actual game...actually enjoy seeing the creative, crazy commercials...and sometimes, depending on the teams playing, I care about the game a bit too. Since some of my brothers are Pittsburgh Steelers fans as we grew up in Pennsylvania, go Steelers!

This year, you can preview the commercials on a website called Devour.Com/Super Bowl.

Tonight, as we were all just hanging out as a family, my husband happened to find Devour.Com/Super Bowl

Dear Hubby previewed the commercials and then, he showed a few he thought I would like...
We both then decided that the boys would love to see The Volkswagen Force.
We were right! They loved the commercial and wanted to see it again and again. If we could go buy the "all new Volkswagen 2012 Passat", Little Bro would want to wear his Darth Vader costume and do the same thing...

Guess loads of others also like the Volkswagen Force commercial, as shown in this article from I4U News.
Both Big Bro and Little Bro like Star Wars, although they mostly know Star Wars through playing with Star Wars Lego sets, watching the various Star Wars documentaries, going to Disney and trying out some of the Star Wars themed attractions there.

Seeing the Volkswagen commercial made me think back to when Big Bro was a little guy and we went to Disney and he was selected from the audience and got to be a member of the Jedi Training is the You Tube clip of Big Bro as a Jedi Youngling:

Well, just thought that I would share the clip with you. Hope that you will enjoy seeing a very shy little guy going up against Darth Vader. Big Bro has usually prefers to be the good guy when he plays...Little Bro kind of goes back and forth between wanting to be the good guy and the bad guy...all in good fun, though...

Afterward, Big Bro got a Jedi Training Academy shirt that finally fits him now, nearly three and a half years later!!!

Both boys also made light sabers that trip and both were happy to have light sabers.
Since then, our family has several more Star Wars themed Lego sets, costumes, and toys.
Many weekends have been spent with Daddy and the boys building various Lego Star Wars Lego sets, as well as other Star Wars themed play things. Dear Hubby loved Star Wars as a boy so it is very fun for him to have two sons who also love Star Wars, too.

Will be neat when they are old enough to see the various Star Wars movies with their Daddy...

Have a happy weekend with your family!


Elle Belles Bows said...

You made me smile. My nephews did the Jedi training at Disney and it made me think of them.

Thanks again for the great giveaway item that I won. I will blog about it soon.


Jennifer said...

We LOVE Star Wars here, too! Never a day without some talk of Jedis and light savers (as our lil' bro calls them - no matter how often we correct him). All in good fun! I actually remember playing with my brother's Star Wars Action Figures, but instead of battles, Hans Solo married Princess Leia and had many, many Jawa children that they drove to school and activities in their land speeder. Oh, those were the days! (I'm sure your dh will groan when he hears that. I am still surprised my brother let me play with him at all!)

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