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Whole Lotta Love Giveaway #7: Popcorn Fun Pack Featuring Learning Resources Pop for Sight Words

Today's Whole Lotta Love Giveaway # 7 is a fun, popcorn themed prize pack. 

The fun educational item in this prize pack is called Pop for Sight Words by Learning Resources.  

Learning Resources sent me Pop for Sight Words to review and let me tell you, the boys both loved playing this fun sight word game!
Learning Resources sent us a few lovely products and I look forward to sharing more reviews with you in the future. My overall impression of Learning Resources was that they are a very professional company who cares about their customers and so they really strive to make neat educational products for families and schools. 
Pop for Sight Words comes in an attractive box and has neat cards shaped like popcorn pieces.
Here are some of the Pop For Sight Words cards...
There are also Pop! cards within the game.
The game helps to promote sight word fluency and did seem to help both boys with improving their sight word fluency. 
Although Learning Resources had another idea of what we could do when we came to a Pop! card (namely the player who draws a Pop! card is supposed to return all of their cards to the box and then, take the Pop! card out of play), we tweaked this and made it multi-sensory by changing the Pop! cards to mean that you have to stand up from where you are playing and then pretend to pop around like popcorn does when it pops.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Big Bro having some popping fun!

The boys loved this! They practiced saying each word and then, when it came to the Pop! cards, they stood up and popped all over the place.
Great fun and learning was had by all.
If you have a multi-sensory learner or if you have children who do not like to give up their cards that they have already correctly read, this is such a fun alternative idea to do with these cards.

Learning Resources  had this to say about its cool Pop For Sight Words Game:
Students will gobble up handfuls of fun as they recognize and read aloud sight words. Fast-paced game play is great for improving fluency. Even use the abundant word cards for your own early literacy activities. Includes 100 die-cut popcorn cards (92 sight words and 8 POP cards) in box with engaging graphics. Measures 3"L x 3"W x 6 1/4"H. For 2–4 players. Grades 1+.

Learning Resources also gives ideas to play Double - Pop and as an alternate way to play, they suggest that children can play in pairs and put unknown words back into the box rather than in a separate pile. 
This game works well with one child, two children, a small group of children, or you could even do this as a whole class activity during circle time.
If you were to have children do this during circle time, would suggest that you have them pop in place.
Such a fun way to practice sight words!
This game works well in any type of setting where you are working on learning sight words.
The entire game is attractive, neatly packaged, and very sturdy, so it should last in your homeschool or classroom for a long, long time with many children enjoying playing this game.

So, how to win this Popcorn Fun Pack, complete with Learning Resources ' cool game, Pop For Sight Words?

The winner for this giveaway#7, as chosen by Random.Org, is Comment #13, Marci J. 
Marci had this to say for her comment regarding other Learning Resources items she would love to own:
great giveaway!
Jumbo Farm Counters caught my eye too.
june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com 

Congrats to Marci J.!
Marci J.,  Learning Resources will be emailing your prize directly to you...but in addition, you are getting some popcorn goodies for me so please email me at cmbmomof2 at yahoo dot com 

I was given the game, Pop For Sight Words, to review with my family by Learning Resources. 
I have given a fair and honest review of Pop For Sight Words, which in my honest opinion is a very nice product that made learning sight words fun and held my sons' interest.
This giveaway is open world wide, but if by chance someone wins from another country, I will most likely not be able to send actual popcorn in the prize pack...so may have to send an international winner a credit for some sort of popcorn  snack instead of actual popcorn. It will be at my discretion as to what to substitute.
There is an inherent choking hazard with popcorn and I am to be held harmless if the winner were to choke on popcorn or if a young child were to try to place the popcorn game pieces in their mouths.
Although we played this game with children ages 4 and 7, this game is suggested for first grade, ages 6 and up. 

This giveaway has ended and all comments are closed. 
All comments have been removed and entry info. has been removed, as the giveaway is completed.

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Thank you so much! This sounds like fun :)

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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