Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whole Lotta Love Giveaway - Neat Farm Themed Fun!

This farm themed giveaway is pretty awesome, if you ask me...
The lucky winner will receive a variety of farm themed items that will be perfect for a classroom or for homeschool use. Many of the items in this giveaway are Montessori inspired materials, and since many of my readers use Montessori materials in their homeschools or in their classrooms, think that there will be loads of interest in this giveaway...
So, what is included...well, a set of lovely farm themed three part cards from Laughing Star Montessori, a set of farm themed works for shelf work, a miniature felt farm with small farm animals, a farm themed picture book, and an app for either an iPhone or an iPad of a farm themed book from Pic Pocket Books.
We had the chance to review several fabulous farm themed iPhone picture book apps featuring the character Tractor Mac by Billy Steers. These stories are just great! The boys just loved these stories and have listened to them again and again...
 What makes Pic Pocket books a real stand out is that they have a nice variety of children's book titles and have titles in both English and Spanish. So, if you are trying to teach your child either English or Spanish and you want to have them listen to a fluent person reading a lovely story in their native tongue, these books are great! Our boys have been learning both French and Spanish but I am not a native speaker of either language, so any opportunity for them to hear a story told by a native speaker is a huge plus!!!

What makes them special is that in addition to the adorable illustrations, the story is read to your child in a lovely narration voice, pls it is interactive for your child, as your child can touch the animals throughout the book to hear the sounds that they make. If they touch Tractor Mac, they get to hear the sound of a tractor engine. Really clever way to make it more interactive and fun for children. Both sons loved these iPhone picture book apps, along with a few others that I will be reviewing in the next few days...
We had the pleasure of reviewing both the farm three part cards from Laughing Star Montessori  and the Tractor Mac iPhone app books from Pic Pocket Books and let me tell you, they were a hit with the boys!
 The farm cards from Laughing Star Montessori include a label, a picture card, and the control of error - picture with label card, but then, in addition, the set also includes a factual sentence about each animal.

Laughing Star Montessori cards that you purchase from them as cards come with rounded corners on all of the cards. If you purchase a laminated set from Laughing Star Montessori, it comes to you with an amazingly durable, thick laminate. These cards would last for years and years...but what makes it nice is that for homeschool or smaller classroom use, Laughing Star is now starting to offer some of their materials as pdf downloads that you can laminate or else run on card stock and skip the laminating, if say you only have one or two children who are going to use the cards. So nice that they give you options for purchasing...

These additional sentence cards are a real plus to this farm work, as it adds another level of complexity to the work. 
This makes the work more challenging for an early reader.
It also makes something for an older one to share reading to a younger one.
Having this extra little sentence to go with each animal really expands what you can do with these cards in a Montessori inspired homeschool or classroom.
We just really enjoy these farm cards from Laughing Star Montessori
In addition to the farm three part cards,  Laughing Star Montessori has other tie ins for your Montessori inspired farm work.
These additional items include:
Barnyard Bingo
and Farm Story Writing Masters.
We had reviewed Farm Story Writing Masters a few months ago and both boys did a wonderful job with improving their writing, as well as learning some neat farm animal facts, with these writing masters.
Here is a link to the review I wrote about the Farm Story Writing Masters a while ago...
They are very cost effective, as you can purchase them as pdfs in either Cursive, D'Nealian, or Print.
Well, hope that you are as excited as I am for you about this awesome farm themed giveaway!


The winner of this Farm theme giveaway, as chosen by Random.Org is Comment #8, Lindsi.
Congrats to Lindsi. 
Lindsi Commented: Hoping to win!Lindsi Archabald larchabald@roadrunner.com Great site!! 

This giveaway started 2/15/11 and ended  2/16/11 
This giveaway has ended, therefore the giveaway info. has been removed and the comments have been removed. 
All comments on this post are now closed.

    Disclaimer: I was given a set of Farm Cards from Laughing Star Montessori, as well as some iPhone apps from Pic Pocket Books.
    Originally, our family had purchased some materials from Laughing Star and that is how I struck up a relationship of doing reviews for Laughing Star Montessori. My review I have given of all of their materials is honest and reflects how well these materials have worked for our family in the scope of Montessori inspired homeschooling.
    As for Pic Pocket Books, initially I had won a few books from them and then, had contacted Pic Pocket Books directly to see if they would like me to review any of their other titles. 
    Since they had mentioned the Tractor Mac books, I was very happy to have my sons review these. 
    Our family has thoroughly enjoyed these iPhone picture book apps and the opinions I have expressed are genuinely my thoughts about their neat products.

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    Lindsi said...

    I am so excited! THis will be a wonderful addition to our classroom. We live in a farming community and so this is very relavent to many of my students. I can't thank you enough!!

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