Friday, March 18, 2011

Mom, Elliot Needs a Friend (Really?!?)

This morning, Little Bro and I had a conversation that we have had many, many times before, about his thoughts on getting a second dog.
The conversation topic is a familiar one, both with Big Bro and with Little Bro.
This morning, though, it was all Little Bro, as Big Bro is sleeping in today...

So, here is the gist of our conversation:

Little Bro:
I think that we REALLY need to get Elliot a friend.

(Not like I have not heard this a thousand times before, but I always enjoy hearing the boys' rationale for getting a second doggie)

Little Bro:
Well, you know, he gets into laundry...

Yes, I know that ALL too WELL...

Little Bro:
Well, if he had a friend, then he wouldn't do that!

Then, we would have two dogs getting into the laundry.

Little Bro:
No, that would not happen. That is not how it works, Mommy.

How do you know this, that we would not just have more snagged socks and undies, towels and t-shirts that would be chewed on, etc.?

Little Bro:
Well, I have a brother right?


Little Bro:
Well, I don't chew on the clothes and neither does my brother...
You see, if you have a brother, you don't chew on clothes.
Elliot chews on clothes because he doesn't have a brother.


Little Bro:
Since we can't get Els a brother, we could get him a friend, because brothers are supposed to be best buddies. See Mom, Elliot really needs a friend who can be like his brother!

Well, that is a neat way of explaining it, but for now, think we will keep with just Els.
You know, your friends just got a puppy. They named their new puppy Bella. 
Maybe he can have a play date in a few weeks with Bella. You boys could all play together and Elliot and Bella could get to know each other.

Luckily, for this morning, this seemed to appease Little Bro enough that he went back to eating his breakfast and dropped the "Let's get a second doggie" conversation for now...

He is probably right.

Elliot would probably like a friend...but the thought of two dogs just seems a little too much at the moment.

We love Els, but he keeps us busy all on his own...he has a myriad of doggie toys, but has an affinity  for the laundry he can snag!

Our Dear Pup, Elliot, a.k.a. know him is to love him!!!

Just curious as to how many readers have two or more dogs.

What are your thoughts?

I am not caving in, at least for today...but sometimes, it does sound tempting to get a second doggie.

For now, the only extra doggies we will be getting in the near future are the stuffed animal variety.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!


Leann @ MontessoriTidbits said...

We have 2 dogs. We got them the year before Aikman was born, and we opted for 2 (from the same litter) because we were afraid that one would get too lonely by itself, since we both worked most of the day (when I was still teaching).

We've never regretted having 2, and in fact, they can't stand to be apart. At bedtime (when they are allowed back in the house, after spending the majority of the day outside), we often give one of them the option to sleep outside their huge kennel, but they typically prefer to share it. If one is left out, then they will still sleep right up against the kennel, next to each other.

Our dogs aren't chewers, but digging holes in the back yard is another story! However, I can understand your worries about the laundry. Maybe the 2nd one would leave the laundry alone...

Janine said...

We only have one dog, but lots of undies with holes in them, LOL. We thought our Shelby was the only undie loving dog around......

Honey said...

Are you wanting to doubly traumatize the frogs?! :) Perhaps he needs a goldfish as a friend...hehe!!!


Olives and Pickles said...

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