Thursday, September 1, 2011

Re-purposing for Purposeful Play!

If your family is like ours, you might have lots of little random containers that came when you purchased another product.
We have tried to make a concerted effort to re-purpose some of these containers for other uses.
We had some neat little plastic containers with lids that came with a craft kit.
The containers can be used for a variety of other crafty projects, but for now, the boys thought that they would be neat to fill with Crayola Model Magic modeling dough.
Both Big Bro and Little Bro had a good time filling the containers and tried doing some color mixing as well.
They used some cookie cutters and some very young child sized flatware as tools to play with the modeling dough.
For quite some time, they squished and squeezed, stretched and mixed, created and re-created...shared their ideas for what could be made with the modeling dough and discussed whether they wanted to let their creations to air dry or whether they would rather re-use the dough on another day and therefore, store the dough. Both opted to be able to re-use the dough so they chose to store the dough in the containers they had already re-purposed for color mixing.
It was such a happy, laid back, unplugged play time.
This made for a wonderful sensory activity, but also a good lesson in re-purposing items for new uses.


Lori said...

Good idea! I have been saving containers forever. I bought a box of those plastic cookie cutters from Wal-Mart too. I think we try and make some play dough soon.

Sharing on my Facebook!

Martianne said...

Keep up the run, learning and sensory time.

Our favorite containers for small figurines are re-purposed peanut butter jars. Boxes are becoming a time machine this week. Oh, the list could go on... My kids love creating and repurposing, even as I try to take out some of the items I think are ready to finally be recycled.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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