Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September = Busy, Busy, Busy!

The lovely wedding party...

Our month of September has been very busy.

We started out the month by taking a long trip up North to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Canada.

Uncle Kevin got married so we all went to the wedding.
Welcome to the family, Auntie Lisa!

Big Bro and Little Bro at the rehearsal dinner...
The newlyweds opening their present from us...
Having fun with the cousins at Uncle and Auntie's pool at their new house!
Big Bro attempting to tackle his much older and bigger cousin during a game of what was supposed to be flag football!!!

Big Bro gets a hug from Auntie Lisa...

Big Bro saying grace before the rehearsal dinner...

It was great to see family and friends before, during, and after the wedding celebration.
Checking out Pennsylvania and Ohio was a blast!

We checked out many sights in Erie and in Cleveland, too.

We also had a wonderful time in Canada, first at Niagara Falls and then, in Toronto.

Then, wrapping up the month of fun, we celebrated Big Bro's birthday. Originally, we were supposed to go to visit the Grands to celebrate the big weekend with them, but plans had to change. So, we went to Papa and G's winter place here in the Sunshine State and had a great time doing fun things there. 

Here are some photos of our fun times spent traveling over the last several weeks, from Canada and then back to Florida:

Family fun on the Maid of the Mist

The Maid of the Mist was a great way to see Niagara Falls up close!

The boys also enjoyed looking at the falls through the viewer...

Funny hat time!

Checking out the Lego display in Niagara Falls.

This is the CN Tower in Toronto. We had an awesome view of it from our hotel room.

The boys in our hotel room in Toronto.

The boys outside the Hockey Hall of Fame...

Hockey Hall of Fame fun!

Big Bro trying out some hockey moves!

Little Bro having fun playing hockey (simulated; not a real puck for him)

Climbing at the park at Presque Isle in Erie PA

Outside the Pufferbelly Restaurant in Erie PA (one of mom's favorite places from back in the day!)

Big Bro having fun at the ExpERIEnce Children's Museum

Little Bro having a blast at the ExpERIEnce Children's Museum

Both boys having a terrific time at the museum!
Little Bro checking out snails at Papa & G's winter place in The Villages

Little Bro enjoying a late night squirt gun fun at Sumter Village Square in The Villages, FL.

Big Bro waiting to get Little Bro with a surprise blast of water!!!

Little Bro riding his Kettler bike. This bike is awesome! it does not have pedals, so a young child learns to focus on balance and then, skips right over riding with training wheels. Little Bro is just about ready to go right into riding a regular two wheeler now. Since Big Bro got a new bike for his birthday, we now have a smaller bike to pass onto Little Bro. Yay!!!

The boys LOVE to ride their bikes at Papa and G's house in The Villages. Big Bro just got a new bike for his birthday, so that made it even more fun! We had such a fun time over Big Bro's birthday weekend. It was so nice, as we truly had a relaxing time just doing simple things like looking at snails, riding bikes, playing with chalk, having water fights, taking golf cart rides,  and going for frozen yogurt.

Big Bro opening some birthday presents. Thanks to the Grands and Papa and G!
Little Bro is wearing his super hero cape while he and Big Bro play in the sand!
Big Bro is drinking from a straw set that makes into a pair of glasses! Little Bro picked this out as a present for Big Bro for his birthday! Big Bro likes his present from Little Bro!

Playing at the pool back in our neighborhood! Fun times all month!!!

Hope to be back into the blogging groove soon...

We have just been having too much fun doing family things here!

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Leptir said...

You guys were really busy! You spent great time together :-)

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