Sunday, October 16, 2011

Please Help Us Go From Snake Pit to Sanctuary!!!

Hello readers, if you could please take a few minutes to go visit this link on the DIY Network, please watch the videos, check out the photos, and leave a comment for the DIY Crashers to choose to crash our back yard! We would love it if they would make over our back yard to take it from being a snake pit to a sanctuary...a great space to play, learn, relax, and grow.

Here is the link to our entry.

For some reason, all of the video clips are either on their side or upside down, so hope that you will still try to watch and to leave a comment for them to please choose to crash our yard!

Our yard seems to really attract Cottonmouth Snakes, Marine Toads, Nasty Hornets, and occasionally Cuban Tree Frogs...none of these are really kid or dog-friendly.

Since we have had such a snake and hornet issue, and since it is so overgrown, we never use our back yard. It could be an awesome outdoor classroom and play area!

Please leave comments so that they will hopefully choose to "Crash" our yard!

We would love to win so that the boys would have an amazing outdoor place as part outdoor classroom, part play area. Dear Hubby would just love a nifty, updated grill area, too, although we did not mention that in our entry...

Big Bro, Little Bro, Dear Pup, Dear Hubby & I would love it if you would please leave a comment for them to select our entry!

Thanks and hope that all of you had a happy weekend!


learning table said...

I just left a comment at DIY for you--good luck!

Martianne said...

Happy to do so. DOne! Good luck.

Beth said...

Say, I'm popping over from

You asked about making buttons smaller & uniform, but I had no way to email you back =-)

So I made a post explaining how to do it. It is super easy!

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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