Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Penguin Day!

This morning, while the boys were viewing the daily Brain Pop movie, we found out something: April 25th has been designated World Penguin Day!
So after watching the movie and then, doing the quiz all about penguins, the boys then decided to create some of their own penguins.
They did an image search for different types of penguins and then, they each created their own penguin.
Big Bro chose to make a Rock Hopper penguin and Little Bro said that his penguin was an Emperor Penguin.

We happened to have some sheets from Enchanted Learning about these two types of penguins, so the boys colored the sheets and learned about the body parts of penguins.
We then pulled out some works we have here about penguins, namely penguin three part cards from Jojoebi (Thanks, Jo) and some neat penguin materials that we got as part of a continent swap with Honey from Mondorfment (thanks Honey).
I then decided to create a new Pinterest board for all things penguin-y...called Playful Penguins.

Here are some fun photos from the boys' project for World Penguin Day, along with some pins from my Playful Penguins board:

This is Little Bro's penguin chart...

This is Little Bro's penguin art project...

This is Big Bro's Rock Hopper Penguin art project...

This is Big Bro's chart about penguins, including his favorite, the Rock Hopper.

This is Big Bro's chart about the Emperor Penguin.

This neat Life Cycle of a penguin was given to us by Honey, so thanks to Honey. It is also part of the Winter Promise animals and Their Worlds program.

Thanks to Jojoebi for creating and sharing these cards for free! Such nice cards!
Source: via Colleen on Pinterest

This cute lil penguin was given to us here by Honey. Thanks Honey!

We love this book!

Thanks to Kindergarten Crayons for sharing this parts of the penguin worksheet!

Aren't these adorable??? We are going to make these tomorrow!

Thanks My C Designs for making these sweet penguin finger puppets!

Do you like to learn about penguins?

Did you know that April 25th has been designated as World Penguin Day?

Do you ever switch plans when you find out a neat nugget of info. such as a day being designated to celebrate a particular animal, such as World Penguin Day?

Would love to hear your thoughts to these questions.

Hope that if you celebrated World Penguin Day, or if you just love penguins, that you will please leave a comment with a link so that I can add what neat ideas you have created to the Playful Penguins Pinterest board I have created.

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Pip said...

Wow! I did not know about Penguin day and great that you went with the low and followed their learning. Its always far more interesting for children to learn what they are interested in. so much achieved as well! Great post!

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