Thursday, May 10, 2012

Glop = Multi-sensory, Gooey Fun!

This morning, the boys asked if they could make and play with Glop.

The answer: Yes, absolutely! What a great idea to make Glop!!!

We had made Cloud Dough a while ago, so we used Cloud Dough*** as a base for our Glop.
We added Cloud Dough, then added in some tap water and then, just added in more cornstarch until our Glop was a consistency that was pleasing for the boys to use as a play material.
Since we had made our Cloud Dough with a mixture of baby oil with fragrance, along with food coloring, our Glop had a nice color and smell to it, along with a unique feel.

There wasn't an exact Glop recipe, you just kind of have them mix it until it does not feel too dry and hard or too runny and thin. Somewhere in between, it becomes this slimy, somewhat sticky, somewhat slippery mass.
Would guess that we used approximately two cups of Cloud Dough, one cup of corn starch, and maybe 1 cup of water, but it was not an exact measurement activity, as the goal was to get it to be the right consistency more so than anything else.

The key to it is to make and play with Glop by the kitchen sink so that it does not make a huge, drippy mess.

Little Bro pulled up a kitchen chair to the counter so that he had a bird's eye view of the bin filled with Glop.
This seemed to be the most comfortable way for both boys to play with Glop.
As far as what to add to the bin of Glop to make it more interactive, we just added a small plastic funnel set.
We had picked up the plastic funnels in the Target Dollar Spot yesterday and they worked great with the Glop!

Both boys had a fun time playing with Glop! What also was nice is that although Glop is somewhere between sticky and slimy, it cleaned up easily from the boys' hands and from the counter.
It also washed off easily from the plastic funnels.
As far as storing Glop, we are going to transfer our Glop into a large plastic Ziploc gallon bag and will keep it in the fridge until tomorrow. We will most likely only play with Glop today and tomorrow, as I am not sure if it could get moldy or not if we were to keep it longer...

Making Glop was a nice, multi-sensory experience.
The boys really had a blast!
In addition to being super fun, it also was a great way to wake up their little hand and finger muscles before they get into doing writing today.

Well, hope that you will consider making Glop with your children!
If you do, please share a link so that we can see your family or classroom having fun too!

Also, I am curious as to the following:
Have you and your family ever made something similar to Glop?
How did you make your recipe?
Did you add fragrance? How about food coloring?
What types of toys did you add to your Glop play?
Did you keep it for more than a day?
Did you store in overnight in the fridge or did you leave it out but covered?

Please leave me a link to any posts that you might have where you may have done something similar to Glop, as I would love to pin your recipes and ideas to my Pinterest boards, with direct links back to your blog! 

***Please Note
If you want to make Cloud Dough first and want to try the way we made it, you use an 8:1 ratio of flour/cornstarch mixture to baby oil. We had compared and contrasted making Cloud Dough with plain flour, the way the original recipe calls for, as well as making Cloud Dough with cornstarch, and then, we added the two batches our Cloud Dough consisted of 4 parts flour, 4 parts cornstarch, and then, 1 part baby oil, along with some food coloring added to the mixture. Had originally found the recipe for Cloud Dough on Pinterest from I Can teach My Child! so again, a big thanks to Jenae, as it worked great as a base for our Glop!

Ooey, Gooey Glop!

Little Bro having a turn at playing with Glop! Both boys decided that it was better to just remove their shirts rather than to have to wear smocks to play with Glop. The good news is that Glop washed off their skin without any problems.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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