Friday, October 12, 2012

HorsePower Rocks!

This week, our homeschool co-op went on an AWESOME field trip to HorsePower for Kids, Inc.

What is HorsePower for Kids, Inc.?

Well, here's a little description, in their own words:

At HorsePower for Kids, children (and adults) of all ages are welcome. Not only can you enjoy trail rides and getting up close and personal with horses, but this home to over 40 species of animals. HorsePower for Kids, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a farm environment for people who would benefit from interaction with horses and animals that reside on our farm.
It was so fun for all of the children in our co-op to get to interact with the animals in a very up close and personal way. Little Bro and Big Bro loved getting the opportunity to hold and pet so many little critters.

 They offer a variety of field trips that are open to all homeschool and school children, but in addition, they offer trail rides, special camps, and programs for at-risk and special needs children.

When homeschool and school groups go visit HorsePower for Kids, Inc., the money actually goes to help other children, namely inner city, at-risk, and special needs children, so not only is it an absolutely delightful field trip for your group, it helps other children in need to get to come to enjoy all that HorsePower for Kids, Inc. has to offer.

Let me tell you, Big Bro and Little Bro LOVED this field trip!
Here are some shots from the fun day we had:
They had some unusual animals too, including a Zorse, a hybrid between a zebra and a horse. Their animals are rescue animals, and all of them seem to be very well cared for and loved here. The petting zoo was a huge hit with the boys too!

Wanna see some more?

Here are links to videos that gives you a first hand look of HorsePower for Kids, Inc. 
The first video link was created by
The second video link was created by Pinellas Adventures

If you are within an hour's drive of HorsePower for Kids, Inc. and you are looking for a really neat, interactive farm experience for young children, you should put together a field trip and check out this lovely place. Generally, you need to come as a field trip group, but during the fall, they do a fall festival as a fundraiser. There are still some fall festival days in October, so if you are in the Greater Tampa / St. Pete / Clearwater area, you and your family should check out their fall festival!

Here is a link to the Fall Festival pdf for more details.
Cannot say enough nice things about HorsePower for Kids, Inc. as it truly was a delightful day.
So have some family fun & donate to a very worthwhile non-profit at the same time!

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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