Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lego Fun!

Today, we met a neat family visiting from NYC at our local playground!

Big Bro and Little Bro had a super time with their new buddies!

The topic of conversation quickly turned to Lego, as all four boys are Lego fans.
Funny how talking about Lego can bring kids together.

Their family is going to take in Legoland while enjoying their stay in the Sunshine State.
Since they will be heading to Legoland, we shared some pointers about the park.
Since we shared with our new friends, thought that I would also share some tips with my blog readers.

One of the best tips to know is that Legoland offers some neat hands-on classes right at the park, including MindStorms and WeDo Robotics.
What a great opportunity, to learn right from Lego employees!
These classes are included with your admission to the park.
So, if you plan to visit Legoland, you may want to check out these classes when you arrive and sign up for them during your stay.

The other neat thing to know is that there is a water ski show featuring people dressed as Lego minifigs.
So, if you have never seen a water ski show before, this is something to see!

While you are at the park, you can trade any mini-figs you bring with staffers there. The various Lego employees all wear name tags and if you walk to them and ask them to do a mini-fig trade, they will gladly trade with you!
This is a nice way to get a unique mini-fig!

Big Bro's favorite ride is Coastersaurus
Little Bro's favorite is The Lego Technic Coaster, which he calls Project X for some reason...not sure if that is actually in the title of the ride, but he insists that it is...

Legoland sells a variety of Lego themed products including clothing, that you cannot find elsewhere.
The clothing and some of the Lego sets you can find there are great deals and are unique finds.
However, some of the sets are actually more reasonably priced, especially around the holidays, at other stroes such as Target or Toys R Us...or even if you go to Legoland, if you have a smart phone, it may be wise to do some price shopping before buying.
You can definitely find some nice items to take home that you won't find elsewhere.

In addition, the Florida Legoland has a shop that sells products that are handmade in Florida, such as food items. These are nice to take home too...
They even have a Fresh from Florida exhibit area, where you can see "how food goes from farm to table".
Here is a link to the Legoland Florida park map, if you decide to go to Legoland.

We had such a fun time there and hope that anyone else who visits will also have an awesome time there!
Well, hope that these tips are helpful to you!

Here are some photos of Big Bro and Little Bro at Legoland Florida:
Boys in the Star Wars portion of Lego mini land at Legoland Florida.

Boys in front of the Lego Christmas display at Legoland Florida.

Since the new buddies love to build with Lego, thought that I would share a link to my Pinterest board about Lego.

This Pinterest board has all kinds of ideas for Lego-themed projects, storage, games, parties, and camps.
If you love Lego, hopefully, you will love this Pinterest board!
How we wished that this lovely family actually lived nearby, as fun was had by all today at the park!

Hope that our new buddies will have a great time at Legoland and if they come back to visit their grandparents in the future, hope that we will see you at the park again.

Hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday time with friends and family as much as we have been enjoying our time here.

Here are the boys opening up a new Lego train set from Santa!


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