Saturday, January 26, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Fun for Kids!

Is your family excited about Super Bowl XLVII?

Have compiled a Pinterest board called Super Bowl Fun for Kids!

This board contains a variety of recipes, arts and crafts, party favor ideas, as well as links to free educational activities related to the this theme.

Here in our home, the boys have a handy-dandy notebook.
The notebook contains mini lessons on football.

Covered topics and activities include:
  • Have fun using Roman Numerals
  • Prepare Football themed snacks
  • Review and discuss Football rules & regulations
  • Do work related to Measurement of a football field
  • Have fun with Hands - on Probability & Statistics
  • Complete some cool Geography Lessons for both Super Bowl XLVII teams
  • Read all about it: NFL history with links to various pages on
  • Design a neat scene using Football Themed Stickers
  • Create Football-themed arts & crafts
  • Research How a Football is Made
  • Create a football team name, logo, and mascot
  • Learn how to do a Mock Interview with a football coach or player 
  • Prepare a commercial that you feel would be great to air during the Super Bowl. 
 Here are some photos of the boys and our notebook:
Little Bro is so excited!

Big Bro is excited too!

Gonna be fun!

Hands on learning about Roman Numerals. Thanks TpT!

Another football themed freebie from TpT!

The boys will also get to do the following post Super Bowl XLVII activity:
Following a parental preview of the commercials, they boys will then get to watch the commercials and will get to do a write up about which one was their favorite one and why they liked it.

How did I put the notebook together?

Well, thankfully, so many activities were available as freebies on Teachers Pay Teachers , Homeschool Bits and Currclick.

Then, by visiting the website, I was able to pull up some other interesting info. for the boys.

Some disclaimers:
  • We are excited about Super Bowl XLVII! To comply with the US Copyright Office, section 107, all of my Pinterest boards and pins, as well as this post, are for "criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research" as well as for nonprofit, educational purposes"... I am not a lawyer, but tried to make sense of this.
  • I am not affiliated with NFL or any of the companies related to the Super Bowl. Am not doing this for monetary gain, only for educational purposes.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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