Sunday, June 2, 2013

Psyched for Some Super Summer Science Fun!

Hello all!

Have not posted about what we have been up to in quite some time, but have been busy with doing a variety of homeschooling things here at Sunrise Learning Lab.
Here are some photos from our fun times:
Reviewing the phases of the moon using Oreos with Daddy...Daddy has taken a much more active role in homeschooling this year. He loves to do hands on projects with the boys and since he also loves Oreos and teaching the boys about the night sky, thought that they would all enjoy reviewing the phases of the moon with this neat activity and as expected, they all had a good time learning and then eating!

Doing self selected projects (Big Bro chose to learn about flight and as part of his project, he worked on creating a variety of paper airplanes from this book).

Some of Big Bro's paper airplanes that went with his project...Big Bro worked hard at testing out which designs seemed to be more aerodynamic and which ones flew the best in various categories: the longest flight, the straightest flight, etc.

Having fun at the splash fountain area in Celebration...the boys have always loved going here to play when we decide to take a drive over near Orlando.

Touching sea stars at the Florida Aquarium...we have purchased a Florida Aquarium pass for this year and have loved going there on a pretty regular basis. Just a great place to learn!

Little Bro wasn't too sure about touching the sea creatures, but he eventually did...

Working on some homeschooling projects that tie in with the theme, The Living Seas. We have been using Moving Beyond the Page's The Living Seas unit, along with the science experiments from the book, Awesome Ocean Science. We love these resources and have had a blast learning more about life in the ocean!

Taking a ride on our neighbor's toy Jeep! Fun times!

Brothers checking out brothers at The Florida Aquarium...Big Bro and Little Bro were mesmerized by the gators and the gators seemed pretty into watching the boys as well.

Sting rays are fun to watch, as Little Bro and Big Bro discovered at our most recent Florida Aquarium visit.

 We have started a great unit by Moving Beyond the Page called The Living Seas. The way that these units address higher order thinking, the way that they are so laid out, with beautiful illustrations on the covers but simple black and white pages to use with kids is such a good fit for our family! Each book makes a keepsake as our boys work through these books! Our boys come up with what they are interested in pursuing with their learning, but so much of what they are curious about is covered with Moving Beyond the Page. Awesomeness!

Well, as far as what is related to homeschooling, that is pretty much what we have been doing here lately.

Would love to hear and see what you are up to in your classrooms or homeschools.

Hope that all of you who read this post are having a happy homeschool year!

We are planning to continue to do hands-on science throughout the summer! Here at Sunrise Learning Lab, we are super psyched for science and would love to hear what your plans are for science fun in the summer!

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Honey said...

I just love Big Bro's smile! I can just hear him saying "Cheese!" And those GATORS!!! YIKES!! I just want to grab the boys up! ;)


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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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