Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Love You, Lego...Now My Boys Want a Real Turtle!!!

Dear Lego Group, your April Fool's Free Turtle Delivery One Day Only! had mixed reviews in our home...
My hubby & I loved it!
Initially, my sons were absolutely thrilled, as they thought that they would actually get a real turtle to keep that would be delivering their present. Guess because our youngest one, Little Bro, still kinda believes in the Easter Bunny, it was not a stretch for him to think that a turtle would help deliver a Lego set. Our older son, Big Bro, thought it was a dream come true, as he had actually written a narrative essay today for practice for his upcoming writing test. He has been begging for a tortoise, but said that he would be just as happy to get the turtle in your photo!
When they found out that it was an April Fool's Prank, well they were not very happy, although they did say that they still love Lego!
This will surely be an April Fool's Day that they both remember!

So, without further ado, this was Big Bro's writing assignment this morning, prior to reading your April Fool's Day Offer:

Suppose you won something special.

Think about winning something special.

Now, write a story about what happened when you won something special.

A Prize Like No Other by Big Bro, Grade 4

You’ll never believe what I just won! I won a pet tortoise! Let me tell you, that makes me feel so happy and special because no one else I know has got a tortoise, let alone one they won as a prize!!!

Do you want to know how I won him?

I went to Petsmart one day and I saw this sign that said, ”Tortoise Raffle! Free tortoise for the winner! Includes the tortoise plus accessories.”

I really wanted to win that tortoise!  He was a Russian tortoise and was rather small with yellow and some grayish green stripes and a hexagon looking shell. He had little black circles around his eyes as if he had glasses. I knew he would be a great pet so I filled out ten raffle tickets and then went back home.

I felt so fantastic because I just knew in my heart that I’d win!

While I had to wait to see if I was the winner, I began to make a turtle racetrack. I built it out of cardboard and a few popsicle sticks. I had already decided that I would name him Sheldon so I put his name on the race track.

And then, I looked up what Russian tortoises needed to eat and I found out that they like to eat tomatoes and that they are very good indoor pets. Tortoises are very special to me because they are so easy going and slow paced like me, literally. They also live for a very long time.

Subsequently after that, I went to sleep and prayed and prayed that I would get him. I even had tortoise dreams! My tortoise dream was about me putting him on a racetrack and when I let go of him, he went faster than any tortoise that I have ever seen. Then, I woke up and felt even more excited to find out if I had won!

In the morning, my alarm clock went off and I woke up and got dressed quickly and had my breakfast and after that, I noticed that the phone was ringing. I picked it up and looked at who was calling and noticed that it was from Petsmart.

I answered it and found out that I won the pet tortoise! I was so pleased that I got up off my chair and began dancing and singing and playing with my toys. I then ran out the door and got my bike and pedaled rapidly to Petsmart. Half way there, I realized that I couldn’t bring him home on my bike!

So then, I called my dad to come with me to help me get the tortoise things and to help me get the tortoise himself.

When we got there, I noticed my new tortoise right away and he was just so adorable!

I picked him carefully and hugged him gently.

I said to him, “What should I call you, Little Guy? How About Sheldon?”

He seemed to agree by nodding his head slightly up and down so then it was official!

Sheldon was my newest pet and he was the most special prize I’ve ever won!

My dad helped me to load him in the car and put him carefully in a cardboard box and put him in the box with holes everywhere.

Following getting him loaded into the car, we happily went back home.

When we got home, I invited my friends to come and see my tortoise. They all loved Sheldon, but no one loved him more than me!

Ever since that, I have just loved him as much as I could and have watched him grow and grow.

He is the best prize I have ever won! Winning my pet tortoise Sheldon is the most special thing that I have ever won in my whole life!


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