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Two for Tuesday: NAGC Annual Convention Bound & Pinterest Feature Board #Gifted #NAGC2014


Today is Two for Tuesday...
First, wanted to share the exciting news that we will be going to the NAGC (National Association of Gifted Children) 61st Annual Convention & Exhibition in Baltimore, Maryland. Yay!
Convention logo property of NAGC. Used for educational / information purposes only. 
Cannot wait to be a workshop presenter.
Also looking forward to meeting others who work with gifted students, including parents, teachers, gifted coordinators, researchers, professors, and school administrators.

Am doing a cool, interactive workshop for Creativity Night on November 14, 2014 called Marine Maker Fair.
What is a Maker Fair, you may ask?
Wikipedia's definition:
Maker Faire is an event created by Make magazine to "celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset". (Source: Wikipedia)

Now, while Make Magazine was clever enough to coin the term of Maker Faire around 2006 or so, the concept is pretty much what adults who were interested in providing children with a creative, hands-on, child centered, interdisciplinary, learning experience related to science, technology, the arts, engineering, and math (now referred to as S.T.E.A.M.) have been doing for quite some time.
New term but same common goal of providing higher-order, creative thinking to children.

Will be doing a Marine Maker Fair geared at adults working with gifted children as well as parents of children in the K-6 range. 
(Even though we at Sunrise Learning Lab focus on grades 3-7, this workshop focus is for grades K-6).
While we do not have an association with Make Magazine,we want to give them props for bringing attention to hands-on S.T.E.A.M. experiences for children and for coining the term, Maker Faire. 

Our exhibit will be revolving around the theme of sea life, since the convention is being held in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Also works well as a theme, as we have actually been learning all about sea life here at Sunrise Learning Lab™. Looking forward to presenting!
 Hopefully, convention participants will enjoy it and feel that it is very worthwhile too!
Will be fun to share about how: 
Children get to explore - create - design - choose to collaborate or work independently 
Adults get to coach  - facilitate - give guidance - assist if necessary - give some feedback 
Will also be neat to address how teachers, program coordinators, parents, and others can: 
*Use Pinterest and other tools to plan and organize your themes and projects for your Maker Fair
*Utilize Social Media to get the word out & to gain community support
*Introduce possible project ideas through the use of a raffle
*Design a Project Proposal & Planning Form 

If you read this and you are planning to attend the convention, hope that you will leave a comment or else find me on the #NAGC2014 Convention App or else on social media via the hashtag #NAGC2014. 
Secondly, for Two for Tuesday, here is my Pinterest Feature Board: 

Set up this board a while ago when we first started to get into using Moving Beyond the Page as part of our homeschooling curriculum. We use Moving Beyond the Page as part of our homeschooling and we love it!

Logo used with permission. Property of Moving Beyond the Page. 
Moving Beyond the Page is one of our fantastic sponsors for our Creativity Night Marine Maker Fair.
Will be highlighting some of the MBTP guides that relate to my Marine Life Maker Fair...the exciting news is that the company owner, Keith, has provided something wonderful for all participants who attend  my Marine Maker Fair, so that they will be able to take what they learn at my workshop and actually try it out in their classrooms! So a huge thanks to Keith and Moving Beyond the Page for being one of our sponsors and also, thanks also to Lakshmi for she helped me to get things together and to get the word out via social media too.
If you are not familiar with Moving Beyond the Page and you are looking for literature-based, creative, interactive, thematic units appropriate for gifted students ages 4 through 14, please be sure to check out their great website.
Here are just some of the units that tie in with the Marine Maker Fair theme:

Images of guide covers used with permission. Property of Moving Beyond the Page.  

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!

We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
***This program is for residents of Florida only...

More Gifted Program Details!

More Gifted Program Details!
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