Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review of a Great CD for Kids by A Little Mandarin

Are you looking for a neat music CD to give to your child for the holidays?
Perhaps your child is in a homeschool co-op, an afterschool club where the focus is on the language and culture of China?
does your child attend a Montessori school? 
Perhaps your child attends a charter school or a magnet school that focuses on Chinese culture and the acquisition of Mandarin
Or perhaps you have children who have been begging to learn Mandarin, as they are quite fascinated by China?
Does your homeschool or school do an Around the World in December event, a Multicultural Fair, or an event to celebrate Chinese New Year?
 Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you should consider buying a great CD for young children called Chinese Children's Classics vol 1.0 by A Little Mandarin.
How did we come about this CD?
Had seen that Leanna from Multicultural Kid Blogs was looking for bloggers who would be willing to review this lovely CD.
Big Bro and Little Bro have been very curious over the last several years about the languages and the culture of China, so when I saw the opportunity to review Chinese Children's Classics vol 1.0 by A Little Mandarin, jumped on the chance to review this CD and let me tell you, am glad that we were able to review it!

It is a really neat CD for children with cute songs, clear pronunciation, and nice music! Such a fun way to introduce Mandarin to children!

What initially was shared about this lovely little CD is the following:

Our album, Chinese Children’s Classics vol 1.0 has updated traditional Chinese children’s songs with a modern sound.  This is a great introduction to Chinese culture and the Mandarin language for children (and parents!)  
-Source: Kristen, A Little Mandarin

Would have to agree that it is a great introduction to Chinese Culture and the Mandarin language!
My boys enjoyed listening to this music. They have learned some Mandarin and have had fun along the way!

You can listen to the introduction of each of the songs right from their website.  I tried to embed the html code so that you could play it right from my blog, but it did not work for some reason, so please be sure to check out their website to hear the samples of the songs and to check out their store page. 

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Bricker said...

Thanks for this...We live in the north woods near Canada so we are isolated and this helps me problem solve adding culture to our kiddos daily life!!

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