Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Work and Play

Well, today started off as a pretty typical morning for Big Bro and Little Bro.
Both started right in with their work they had selected the night before...

Big Bro went to work on the weight recognition blocks.

Have noticed that Big Bro seems to prefer to usually do sensorial or practical life first and then, he progresses into more "academic" works.

He generally puts off doing writing until near the end of his work. This is the work he finds most challenging at the moment. He always seems to choose to do something that involves writing, but hold off until the end of our school time to do it.

Little Bro started out as he likes to do...he got up earlier than Big Bro, checked out Big Bro's weight recognition work, put it all back exactly as it had been placed on the table, and then, started on his selection for his first morning work, a math number matching activity.

I then decided that maybe Little Bro would enjoy a presentation of the weight recognition blocks, as I had not given him one we did that together, he did the work "for real" this time, and then, he started in with a combo. color recognition / fine motor work.

The boys seem to always work in reverse order, as Big Bro gets up later, takes it slow and steady, and goes from work he is most comfortable with to the work he finds most challenging.

Little Bro consistently wants to do whatever Big Bro has chosen first and then, he prefers doing the most challenging work first, and then, wraps up his time with a work that comes very easily and he feels very comfortable doing, such as art.

Our day had a nice, unexpected bit of fun, as while we were out and about, we ended up being in the same place as a bunch of homeschooling families...just a coincidence that we all happened to be there at the same we have met some new friends and look forward to getting together again soon.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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More Gifted Program Details!
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