Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kinda Wacky Wednesday!

Well, our day started out pretty much as it always does every day...

The boys woke up, helped get out their breakfast, and started in doing their first morning work that they had selected for themselves last night.

They got busy, stayed focused, and did their Montessori work.

Then, they decided to make the most of Little Bro's bedroom that is still set up as an additional playroom, as we switched beds around when we had company over Independence Day and have yet to totally put Little Bro's room back to being a bedroom, floor bed and all...
The boys have decided that a plain mattress without any sheets and a few floor mats makes a great indoor version of a slip and slide.

Made me smile, as it reminded me of my brothers and my sister who did something similar (but their version was much more daring)...
When my parents were out of town and we were left with either my grandmother or else another babysitter, my brothers would take cot mattresses and use them to slide down our stairwell with them!
Crazy and unsafe, but it was so awesome...that is until someone occasionally would end up slamming into the wall...I have to admit that even on a few occasions, my sister and I got suckered into sliding down the stairs on a cot mattress. Scary but fun all rolled in one.

Very glad that we do not have stairs, as am sure that Big Bro and Little Bro would want to do the same sort of thing!
Well, the boys did their version of indoor slip and slide and had a ball...
Then, for some reason, they talked me into giving it a go!
What a sight, let me tell you! I have spared you from seeing photos of me doing this, as it would not be a pretty site to see me slipping and sliding...
I am not a skinny mini like when I was younger...and I am not a spring chicken, either, but for some reason, I decided to kind of go along with their idea and very gently "slid" on their indoor slip and slide!

They loved it!!!

They were almost in shock that I did it, and then, that I actually did it twice...


Both boys really wanted me to do it again and again...but to that, I had to say, "No", as all of a sudden, I had visions of colliding with the wall, then, having to go to the ER and tell them what I had done.

So, reality check...

Two runs on their indoor slip and slide...just great!
Felt like a kid again!

Wacky fun!

We then tried to go out and about but the humidity and the heat index were making it feel even warmer than the 96 degrees F that was registering in my minivan. We love to spend time outdoors, and I was actually hoping to do a post about the outdoor challenge, as so many kids stay inside for much of their summer...and being outside is normally one of our favorite places to be! We all love playing outside, getting fresh air...but we like fresh air, not stifling...

So, we headed down the road, half hoping that we would get some burst of coolness but that obviously did not happen...

Well, what did happen was that we passed a sign that  a restaurant was having a Free Pie Wednesday! Yippie! Free Pie! The boys (and Mommy, too) love this restaurant's chocolate pie, so we were pumped. So, we headed in, got a bite to eat for lunch, and then, moved on to getting some homemade pie.

They had some weird sort of rule as to the pies included in the free pie selections, so the boys could only get either a fruit pie or else Boston Cream pie as the free pie.

But then, after we had ordered and had decided that we would settle for free Boston Cream slices, a mom and her son, who was probably about eleven, came in and he was so disappointed, really pouting and angry that their chocolate pie was not included that  the mom was going to leave and take him to Wendy's. The waiter told the mom that if she were to order soup and salad, that her son could get the free pie of his choice, plus he would still give them each a free piece! So they got three free slices, one of which was the chocolate pie my kids were drooling over!
So, I guess pouting and threatening to leave pays, as that boy got what he wanted and then some, and my boys had to settle for something they did not want. But, I tried to use it as a teachable moment and tried to remind them that we needed to be thankful for all that we have and the fact that we were still going to get some free pie, even if it was not what we had originally hoped that we would be getting...

Well, then our waiter came over and told my sons that they could not have their pie unless they finished everything on their plates.
He also told them that they had to keep their feet firmly planted on the floor or else he would not give them any pie. He was trying to be funny, but said it in such a serious, firm tone that Big Bro and Little Bro almost looked scared.
Big Bro and Little Bro are in the 25th percentile in height (a.k.a. kinda short like their parents) and neither have feet that touch the floor when sitting in a booth.
The waiter thought that he was just so hilarious, but to me, he almost bordered on creepy...

Finally, the boys got their pie, but it just was not fun being there anymore, so we got the pie slices to go and ended up coming back home.

So then, the wait in the checkout line began...
Little Bro wanted to know who the email that I was reading was from as we were standing in line, waiting to pay for our meal. So I told him who it was from..."Mommy's Continents Swap Friend."
Then, Big Bro wanted to know what she had said and I told him that she had said that she was at the zoo with her child.

Big Bro and Little Bro both thought that a trip to the zoo sounded like a fabulous plan!

They liked the idea so much that when we got home, they got out our bins of zoo animals, along with our cute play mat that our friend, Jody, got for us, and then, some blocks and they went to it. They built a huge zoo that spanned much of the floor between our family room and kitchen.
Here are some scenes of their zoo...they had such a ball building it and playing with it all afternoon.

All in all, not your typical day, a little on the wacky side, but it all turned out to be a very nice day!

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Sandy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Now, I am following yours and enjoying your ideas. I am looking forward to seeing your photos of your light table. Surely it will be very interesting. I am sorry my English is not that good (my native language is Spanish) and I will need my husband (he's australian) to translate your post to a better undestanding.

Mommy Moment said...

Wow, Sounds like a super fun day!!! Wish I was there to see you try the slip and slide LOL!

Glad the kids liked the Zoo mat!

Talk to you soon!


Sue said...

What a great day. I wish that I could have seen some pics of you sliding on the mattress too! What a fun mom you are!!! :)

jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa said...

How much fun! This so looks like something my children would do. Isn't it great to have children with fun and creative minds.

2 Pequeños Traviesos said...

I had a good laugh reading your post and trying to imagine you sliding -or- myself. Hahaha!
So glad you're teaching your boys some Spanish. I'll check to see if I have any spanish cards to share with you. Hugs!

Honey said...

I wanna see some pics of you sliding...I'll be nice and accept them as a private email....

Send them or I hold all your swaps! mwhhhhahahaahaha! (evil take over the world and keep your swaps laugh...bushy eyebrows are creased with naughty intent...)

hold on...needs one more laugh...


Honey :)

amandab said...

Such a busy day! Personally, I would have stopped after the inside sliup'n'slide! :)

It's good to do something crazy like that with the kids once in awhile, so they can see that we do know how to have fun. This week we were the only ones at a play centre (wet day fun!, so I was on all the slides, shooting some hoops and doing the obstacle course. Sure, I didn't get on the trampoline, but there were height obstructions .... :P

Sorry it took me so long to drop by ... I got halfway through your post and had a overnight guest come and stay, then spent last night recovering LOL (no hangover, just tired)

Marita said...

Slip and slide sounds like fun. We used to have an old queen sized mattress in our loungeroom that my girls would bounce on, and use as a cubby and do various other games with. Something so simple yet with the aide of a childs imagination it can be incredibly versatile.

I think that kid who got chocolate pie was taught the wrong lesson, whine and complain and get your way. Sometimes it is necessary to register a complaint but not over pie.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a playful day, though I was sorry to read about your strange waiter and pie disappointment, good on you for using it as a teachable moment.

Thanks for linking up to We Play :)

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