Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Any Suggestions on Studying the Western Caribbean?

Well, long before my mom had her surgery, we had planned on taking a great family cruise to the Western Caribbean.
Papa and G were supposed to be going with us, but this is not possible, with the recent medical setbacks for G.

Dear Hubby, Big Bro, Little Bro, and I are still going to take the cruise, as it is what Papa wants for us.

So, as soon as the Harvest / Halloween festivities are over this week, we are going to dive into a study of the Western Caribbean.

Am working on making Montessori style felt maps for Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and The Cayman Islands. Would LOVE to find a wooden Montessori style map specifically of the Western Caribbean.

Am trying to find books to read that would give some background information, whether the books are nonfiction or fiction - folktales, etc. as long as they are appropriate for little ones.

We have some CDs of Caribbean music, but I am not sure as to how authentic they are...found them at Target.

Well, if any of you have any suggestions for studying the Western Caribbean, would love to hear from you.

We are continuing to use the Waseca Montessori School Biomes Materials and will just tweak what we cover related to the biomes to fit the Western Caribbean...

For our port of call in Belize, we are going to the Belize Zoo. Since their zoo features only native animals, we are going to read up about animals native to Belize, focusing mostly on the Tapir.

In Honduras, we most likely are going to a monkey sanctuary, so we are going to study about monkeys native to Honduras.

For the Cayman Islands, we know that it is possible to go on tours to see sting rays and sea turtles, so we will read some books about these.
Luckily, we had focused a great deal on sea life for August and September, so Big Bro and Little Bro have already learned much about sea turtles and sting rays.

But, if any of you have suggestions for cooking / arts and crafts / cultural work, I would love your ideas!!!

I did a web search and found a Montessori school located in the Cayman Islands called Montessori By the Sea. We are really hoping that somehow, it would work to connect with this school in person while we are in port.

If any of you know of Montessori Schools or Montessori homeschooling families in Honduras or Belize, we would love to try to connect with others as well.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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