Monday, October 5, 2009

Please say a prayer for my mom...she is having surgery today.

My mom, affectionately known as G by my little ones, is having surgery today.
Please keep her in your prayers, as the surgery is extensive and the recovery / rehab is intensive.

Actually, that is why I have been cranking at doing blog entries, as I needed to keep my mind focused on something other than worrying about how the surgery is going.

We decided that in lieu of us going up there as she is having the surgery, we are instead going up on Thursday and will be there for three weeks. So, the last few days have been very you have seen from the last couple entries, I swapped out everything related to ocean life, and have switched the work to a festive and fun Halloween / Harvest theme.
The kids' room is actually all set so that when we get back into town right before Halloween, everything will be ready and the kids can just hop right back into doing their regular morning routine...or that is the plan, at least...

I have worked on putting all of our work and lesson presentations together for three weeks...this was a bit of a challenge, as so many Montessori materials aren't really all that mobile...we will be learning about life in the temperate forest, and life in the pond, as that is what we will be viewing while visiting my folks. Luckily, the Montessori inspired work from Waseca is portable, so that is coming with us, along with a set of forest and pond animals, and several sets of nomenclature cards.

I have made up some neat work about wildlife in Pennsylvania. When we return from our trip, I will post them in case any of you are studying animals of North America, the temperate forest, life in ponds, the Great Lakes, Lake Erie, etc.

Also have prepped some work in case my sons actually get to see snow while we are there...right now, Little Bro thinks snow is what you call Parmesan cheese.
The last time he saw snow, he was a tiny infant and Big Bro was a toddler, so I doubt it if they have any real memories of snow.

We are pretty much packed and ready to go.
Now, just have to put our papers together for the flight, make a final check of what we are bringing, and then, we will be good to go!
So, for the rest of today, we will go to our co-op classes, then get haircuts, then, follow up with the doc for Little Bro's foot, spruce up the house and hopefully, go out for dinner!!!

Not sure when I will be posting again...just am so thankful that Dear Hubby is such a great support and even though we will be apart for three weeks, I know that he will be thinking of us and we will be thinking of him.

Not sure if we will actually get to do any real schooling on the go, but we are certainly prepared...

Might just have to work on "being there" for my mom's needs and for the rest of my family...might just tack a few days on later in the year...we will see...


Anonymous said...

Your mom is in my thoughts and prayers today.
you have done a lot to get ready for your time away. Amazing really considering all the company you had this past while!
Take care!

Heidi said...

I hope your mom is doing well. We will anxiously await news and hearing from you when you return! You will be schooling while you are gone whether you touch the work you have prepared or not. You are teaching your boys the importance of family and service!

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