Monday, October 5, 2009

New Work - Calendar - Big Bro

This is the inside of Big Bro's Calendar work basket. The basket contains:
Symbols for every month of the year (most of these are from Lillian Vernon...a couple are from Michael's), months of the year cards from Montessori for Everyone (thanks to them for being so generous!), and a chart listing the months of the year in order.
For this work, Big Bro has to line up all of the months of the year picture cards with their respective wooden or foam felt symbols, in order from January to December.
As a control of error, Big Bro first completed a little book about the months of the year. The book has drawings that coordinate with his work, so he was able to check to see if he had the correct order by comparing the wooden pieces, the cards, and his book. I also wrote the names of the month on the back of each wooden/ foam felt piece so that he could double check his work.
This is the chart from the Sun Calendar book. It shows the position of the sun in the sky for every month, for the Northern Hemisphere, as well as for the Southern Hemisphere.
This little book goes with the Months of the Year song we use:

January, February, March, and April...
May and June and July...
August, September...
October, November...
These are the months of the year...Oh....

These are the months of the year.
Fill them with joy and cheer, the months of the year!

Here is Big Bro lining up the wooden months of the year symbols with the months of the year picture cards. He is double-checking the order with his little book.
This book, The Sun Calendar, by Una Jacobs, is really neat!
It is very well written, has lovely, realistic illustrations, and is very informative.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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