Monday, December 7, 2009

Okay, MIT...You Won the Darpa Challenge...How 'bout Something Harder???

Okay, MIT, you impressed the heck out of everyone at the Pentagon with your speedy find of the ten DARPA balloons.

That is quite cool, and really, it is impressive that you won...but how about something more challenging...

How quickly can you locate the following:
1. Big Bro's pair of Sketchers Illuminators sneakers?
2. My Dear Hubby's Northern Illinois hockey jersey?
3. Little Bro's complete Noah's Ark Playmobil set?
4. Our framed wedding announcement?
5. The authentic recipe for pretzel rolls from the former Frontier Bakery and / or the authentic recipe for Aggie's salad, including the salad dressing, from the former Aggie's Pizza?
6. The ultrasounds from all three of my pregnancies?
7. The intro email Dear Hubby sent to me and the intro. email I sent to him?
8. The email announcement from when we got engaged?
9. Any of my former students?
10. A pair of wooden shoes for my Holland doll?

I bet that my list is more challenging than the Pentagon's, although it does not come with a big $40,000 reward.

I would be willing to give you a grand sum total of exactly 40 cents (your choice of four dimes or 40 pennies...)

As a bonus, I would LOVE to find a copy of a book I had as a child. It was about a kitten named Peppermint. I would bump up the reward money to fifty cents (payable in the form of five dimes or two quarters, your choice...)

Happy hunting!!! I have been looking for these for what feels like forever and cannot find them so if you have some secret method to get things found quickly, that would be awesome! Also, while you are at it, could you please go ahead and invent a remote iPhone finder and a keys finder so that I can find these two essentials in a flash?

The Pentagon gave you nine days and you completed the task in long will it take you for my list???

If anyone knows anyone from MIT's DARPA team or from any other DARPA Teams who would like to try to complete my challenge, that would be awesome!!!

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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