Monday, December 7, 2009

Reggio Emilia and Montessori - Compatible...I Say Yes

Recently, someone posted to an online Montessori group about how successful the idea of a combination approach to learning using the Montessori philosophy and materials and the Reggio Emilia approach of having a studio could be...I say very successful!

Actually, if I had to describe what we have going on in our homeschool, it would probably fit this description.

We love using blocks as an educational tool.

If you have not yet checked out the Learning Materials Workshop website, I encourage you to do so:

The materials this company makes are well made, mostly wooden toys.

They are Reggio Emilia inspired, but they also work great in a Montessori environment.

We also love something else from the Reggio Emilia approach...integrating fine arts into our homeschool program, especially art.

We enjoy using Montessori materials and embrace the Montessori idea that learning should be child centered.
We have a pretty solid structure with the underpinnings of mostly Montessori work on our shelves, but we also embrace following a child's interest and running with a spur of the moment project.

What are your thoughts on this?

Any of you using a combination of approaches in your homeschool or school?

What does your combo. consist of?


Heidi said...

I think our combo is ever evolving!

We are primarily Montessori, but have used some Charlotte Mason style copy work at times to work on grammer and handwriting. We also do a decent amount of unschooling of things like money and time. I "intend" to make works for those things, and sometimes I even do, but they aren't used...the kids want to learn from the real thing (which is Montessori in and of itself!)

I also will add in some book style learning for my 6-9 kiddo if I need to. The Usborne flag sticker book is incredibly thorough and although it is mostly busy work, when he is finished he will have an amazing map/reference book for flags.

I think what makes it all Montessori is adapting to follow the needs of the child along with their interests where appropriate.

I think Montessori goes well with Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, and a certain level of unschooling.

Martianne said...

we are most definitely ecclectic and Montessori and Reggio figure into our current learning, and, even more so, our future studies and explorations. I am a big believer in accepting all things that are good -- embracing synthesis of ideas over exclusivity when possible.

I will enjoy learning and sharing ideas together with you here, on my blog and elsewhere online (and in person some day, God willing)

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