Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hot Chocolate Work

A few days ago, while reading one of my very favorite blogs (Montessori Moments, now Mommy Moment) by my dear friend, Jody, I saw her post about having monster cookies and hot chocolate for snack.

That post made me remember that I had meant to write and share about the awesome hot chocolate set and the work that Big Bro and Little Bro love to do, first thing in the morning, while they are still in their pj's.

Last year, I found this great little set for making hot chocolate at Marshall's.
As you will see in the photo, it has four small glass jars, about the size of tiny baby food jars, on a little metal rack. Each one is labeled for its contents: White chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, double chocolate, and mini marshmallows.
The set also came with a tiny whisk, perfect for a child to use.

In addition to this set, I also found some small ceramic cups and glasses at IKEA, along with some small plates, in the shape of puzzle pieces, at Cracker Barrel.
The white ceramic pitchers from Target.
Each boy has his own dessert plate / tray, mug, cup, and pitcher.
They share the whisk and the hot chocolate set.
What we do is we warm up the milk for 45 seconds in the microwave in a larger Pyrex sort of glass pitcher. I heat up enough milk for their hot chocolate work and for my "mock lattes", about 1 cup of milk.

Then, I transfer the milk into their pitchers and some into a coffee mug for myself then I add in some freshly brewed coffee and sometimes a little vanilla or else a spoon of the hot chocolate mix...)

The boys then scoop out 3 tablespoons of the hot chocolate mix and add it to the hot milk. They then stir with the whisk and carefully pour it into their little cups. The smaller containers are used for their toppings - usually mini marshmallows, but on some days, they have some whipped cream in there instead of the marshmallows.
Big Bro then likes to add a sprinkle of the hot chocolate mix to the top, because as he puts it" it makes it taste like you are eating a brownie."

So good and tasty!

I have been keeping my eyes peeled for another set, as I would love to send one to our Manitoba buddies, as well as maybe offer a set as a giveaway. But so far, no luck in finding this set.

If you happen to see one of these sets, guaranteed it will be a work your children will want to do again and again.

If you don't see one of these, it would be fairly simple to construct one for yourself...

You would need four small size baby food jars, some labels for the lids, some different flavors of hot chocolate mix, and some mini marshmallows.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog too!
Thanks for mentioning my blog again! You are too sweet!
These pictures you shared are so great!


Honey said...

It STILL cracks me up that ya'll Floridians wear long johns like you're cold! ;)

When I was a kid we moved to Florida. We're waiting at the bus stop to go to school sporting our shorts and tank tops and sandals. Now WHY?! would the other kids be staring at us? Well, around us were children in jeans, sweaters, heavy coats, hats and a few kids even had on mittens!

I have proof too 'cause mom took a '1st day of school' picture. Last I checked Tampa was warm! ;)


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