Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deals, Deals, Deals and Where You Might Get Lucky Finding Them...

Some people have asked me where I have found the various resources, so here is a run down of where I have had the best luck...

Picture Books, readers, and nonfiction selections written for young children, as well as wooden toys, Ravensburger games, and riding toys...
Look at: Children's resale shops and consignment stores
Best Luck at: Once Upon a Child
The books at Once Upon a Child do not seem to stay on the shelves for very long, so if you see a good deal at one of these stores, grab it.
Have found so many of our books at Once Upon a Child.
As far as great wooden toys, such as Haba, the consignment stores and resale shops do not seem to realize their value. Have bought several at such low prices at these places.
Picked up a Haba Walker Wagon that lists for $143. plus shipping for $4.
Picked up a Peg Perego Front Loader that lists for $173. for $30.

Math Manipulatives
Look at: Target dollar section, party stores

Polishing Work, children's books in other languages, books on Montessori, and random finds:
Go to: Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores
Have found other random things there, too like wooden clogs(I only paid a few dollars for these), a Kettler Sprint Balance Bike (lists for $99; I paid $3.06), a wooden train table with extra storage (lists for $150; I paid $15.)
Have found cool sterling silver containers, spoons, etc. at these stores for very little money.

Wet Transfer - small pitchers and bowls
Gotta See: Target and Cracker Barrel Restaurant gift shops.
Buy after the season has ended and save until the next holiday season to save additional money.

Dry Transfer, wooden trays, finger puppets, child sized kitchen utensils, glassware, ceramic mugs, etc., chalk board / dry erase white board easel set, child sized table and chairs sets
Best Luck at: IKEA
If you or you hubby is handy, you might be able to pick up a table and cut down the legs for a nice fit for your child...that is what some of my friends have done and the results are great...but if you want something light enough for a child to move by themselves, and if you are on a budget, IKEA is your best bet.
There are also some sites out there to do what folks call IKEA Hacks, where you buy an item from IKEA and re-make it into something else.
I have not personally tried this, but want to at some point...

Arts and Crafts supplies
Go visit: Michael's and Walmart
Buy past season and save some $

Fabric Fat Quarters and Neat Buttons
You'll find them at: Walmart

Bi-lingual wooden puzzles (English / Spanish), children's bible story books, and board books
Tuesday Morning

Little Labs Science Kits, French Bingo, Playmobil, Click Clacks (plastic containers with airtight lids for snack storage), international snacks, and cool trays
Home Goods

Equipment to work on balance, physical fitness, etc.
Look for children's gyms that are going out of business.
Bought most of our materials at an auction for a My Gym that had closed in Virginia.

Items for continents boxes, international Christmas ornaments, foods, and games:
Marshall's and World Market

Have also found some neat items for my continents boxes at the local Asian market, as well as Epcot.

Best Luck : Participating in continents swaps with other Montessori inspired schools and homeschools to get unusual items from around the world.

You can do a Google Search if there is something you are really hoping for to see if someone out there has something you want up for grabs.

Well, hope that this is helpful!

Deals are out there, you just have to know where to look, what to look for, and how to stay focused...will write more about staying focused as another post...

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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