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Two New Extensions for Three Part Cards: Lift the Flap Arachnids and Volcanoes Game

An interior shot of Big Bro's All About Spiders and Their Relatives work.
Attached to the foam spider body is a mini book that features various spiders.
This photo flipped upside down for some reason, but this is the reverse side of the spider mini book...Big Bro made a web out of pipe cleaners and taped it onto the spider. The pipe cleaner web is then taped to the corner of the interior of the book, so that it dangles like a real web.
Here is the three part cards extension for the arachnids cards - made an additional copy of the cards for Big Bro to use as "Life the Flap" activity pages inside his book. A big thanks to Montessori Materials. org for sharing these cards! Here is the link to their arachnids three part cards.
Here is Big Bro working on his spiders mini book. The control of error is at the top of the photo...he has it as a guide to refer to for the different spider markings, etc.
More three part cards used as a "Lift the Flap" activity page...
Big Bro's cover...
Mighty Spiders! reader, at Big Bro's independent reading level.
Spiders and Scorpions is a cool spiders and scorpions reference book.
Little Bro working hard at his transfer work...he did "one to one wet transfer", then got out "one to many wet transfer"...then, was totally taken in by what he saw Big Bro doing, so he cleaned up his work and joined in with Big Bro. The plastic play yard in the back of the photo blocking the lanai is my new attempt to keep our pup away from the boys as they are working in the morning.
Hot Lava Pool - This was a huge hit with both boys! When they landed on a "Hot Lava Pool" space, they had to read and do the commands on the cards. Big Bro read the command cards to Little Bro.
Was able to stretch the use of the three part cards for volcanoes by making an additional copy and using them for some of the "Hot Lava Pool" command cards.

I Can Read About Earthquakes and Volcanoes reader at Big Bro's instructional level...could not find one that was completely at his independent reading level, but this was a pretty good fit.
This is the Volcanoes game board. Goes over initial consonant blends, but is somewhat open ended with the Hot Lava Pool. The three part cards for volcanoes were used in conjunction with this game. Boys were able to refer to the three part cards as they answered volcano questions on the "Hot Lava Pool" command cards.

Each week, in Big Bro's homeschool co-op class, they have been exploring different science themes.
This has been a huge motivator for him, as he loves his class and wants to learn even more about the themes when he is in our homeschool.

So, in my attempt to follow his lead, I took the entire syllabus and have prepped two boxes filled with various work that relates to the themes he is covering. One is a hanging file folder box that houses the various books for the themes. The second box is actually a cake box, so that cards / file folder games / various supplies can be in a stack instead of buried at the bottom of the hanging file folder bin.

The boxes include various nomenclature cards, nonfiction selections on the particular themes, children's picture book extensions to go with the three part cards, file folder games, and art project ideas.

He then has the option of choosing anything from within this box, along with anything else from our shelves.

Well, the first thing that really piqued his interest in the box was a volcano game.

Every night, both boys select their first work for the next morning.

For volcanoes, I included three part cards for parts of the volcano, a facts book about volcanoes and earthquakes, and a file folder game.

Big Bro picked out all of the volcano materials first...
He liked the three part cards and the book, but he LOVED the volcano game.
The game's objective is to go over initial consonant blends, but then, there is a "Hot Lava Pool" that makes it the work a little open ended.
For "Hot Lava Pool" questions, I had various questions about volcanoes for him to answer, such as "Name the layers of the Earth" along with some kind of quirky command cards for him to read and do, such as "Dance like an erupting volcano for one minute."
He loved the whole concept of this! He was so focused at doing his work and was having such a great time that Little Bro asked Ryan if he would please let him join his work.
So, Little Bro wrapped up his water transfer work and started in with Big Bro.
When it was time to read the initial consonant blend word, Big Bro would read the word to Little Bro and then, Little Bro would either define the word, or act out the word.
When they got to the "Hot Lava Pool" questions, Big Bro read the command cards to Little Bro and helped him find the answers. He shared the three part cards with Little Bro.
They had a great time learning together.

When Big Bro put this work away, they went back to doing their own work.
He decided it was time to investigate spiders and their relatives.
Big Bro went back and selected another work from his box.
He took out arachnids cards and did his work with his three part cards.
Then, he started in on making a book.
He used a template and made a construction paper spider. Then, he drew a web and attached it to the cover. In the inside of the book, he decided that he wanted to do a life the flap sort of I scanned a copy of our three part arachnids cards and voila! They worked out great for his lift the flap concept! He chose to put the photo of the arachnid under the flap and then, he placed the name of the arachnid at the bottom, by the edge of the flap.

Then, he set to work on making a small shaped book all about spiders.
For the control of error, I had a sample book that showed the spiders colored correctly.
Big Bro then was able to read the pages but he was able to refer to the sample book if he was at all uncertain about the spider's markings or coloration.
He then made a spider web out of pipe cleaners and attached his book to a foam felt spider body.

It was so neat to watch him work.
Little Bro was focused on his work, but did take a few peaks from time to time to see how Big Bro's book was coming along...
The best part was when Big Bro finished up his Spiders work, after first sharing his work with me, he then asked Little Bro to sit with him so that he could share his work with him!
He read the entire book to him, showed him how to do the arachnids three part cards work, and then, had him draw his favorite spider.

When Dear Hubby came home, both boys shared their enthusiasm for volcanoes and spiders.


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