Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Giveaway - Mommy Moment

Over at Mommy Moment, they have a giveaway for an iPhone app.
The reason that I am blogging about it here is that I was the guest reviewer for the app because the lovely ladies at Mommy Moment do not have iPhones and I do.
Now, some of you may be asking yourselves " Why in the world would I want an app for a little one on my iPhone"?
Well, this is what I learned...with cold and flu season and having to make frequent visits to the doctor's office, an iPhone app that is designed for little ones is a great idea.
So, here is the part of the blog entry from the fabulous Mommy Moment blog:
(picture courtesy of Awesome Giant)
This is the review that I wrote for Mommy Moment:

This animated iPhone app is perfect for little ones, ages 3-4.
Animations are very cute, colorful, and appealing to a preschooler.
Very easy for a child to navigate through, and no reading skills are needed to play.
My four year old son enjoyed playing it while we were in the car doing some errands. He also tried it as we were at a restaurant waiting for our order. The game held his attention as we waited.
You need to download the app onto your iPhone from a wireless connection, as the game is 20 MB, so you will need to download it from a wireless connection before you head out to do your shopping, run to the post office, etc.
Where I could really see this game coming in handy would be at a physician's office, urgent care facility, or ER.
So many times, I have been at a doctor's office / ER when I see a child sneeze and then, proceed to play with the toys in the waiting room.
Having your child play on your iPhone with this game would keep their attention but keep them from picking up a toy that has been touched by every other sick child in the room!

There are three choices of hide and seek games:
Jungle, Circus, Ocean.

My son, ranked his adventure preferences:
Jungle and Ocean - tied as his favorites.
The music that accompanies the game makes it a more multi-sensory experience for a child.
Very appealing to a young child who is anxious to make it through the day to day running of errands.-
CMB from Sunrise Learning Lab (a guest reviewer from the Mommy Moment Team).

Awesome Giant has generously offered this iPhone application to (3) readers!

If you would like to WIN the Animal Hide and Seek iPhone application for you or someone you know here is what you have to do...

So please go visit Mommy Moment to get the scoop and to enter the giveaway.

I was not paid for doing the review but I did get a free download to try with my two sons.

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